Zombieland Actress’ ‘Hysterical’ Plan to Bring Down Dark Knight Star Aaron Eckhart Royally Backfired

Abigail Breslin hurled some vicious accusations at iconic actor Aaron Eckhart

Zombieland Actress’ ‘Hysterical’ Plan to Bring Down Dark Knight Star Aaron Eckhart Royally Backfired


  • Aaron Eckhart and Zombieland actress Abigail Breslin were supposed to star in the 2023 movie "Classified" together.
  • Breslin claimed that Eckhart was very aggresive with her and she didn't want to be alone on the sets with him.
  • With the movie suffering damages, Breslin lost her statuts as the studio sued her when they found no evidence for her claims!
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Aaron Eckhart has been known around the world for portraying the role of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in The Dark Knight. Being an iconic actor, Eckhart has been involved in a recent controversy with Zombieland actress Abigail Breslin.


The actress, who portrayed the character of Little Rock in the Zombieland franchise was working alongside Eckhart in the 2023 movie called Classified. Her baseless accusations against the actor backfired quite brutally as no evidence was found for her allegations.

abigail breslin in zombieland
Abigail Breslin in Zombieland

Abigail Breslin Gets Sued For Ruining A Movie With Aaron Eckhart

What could have been an exciting action-thiller movie turned out to be a controversial matter with legal disputes due to claims made by Zombieland actress Abigail Breslin. Starring alongside Aaron Eckhart in the movie, the actress claimed that Eckhart was dangerous to work with.

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face

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In a letter to SAG-AFTRA, Breslin wrote to the organization “setting forth her fears and blasting Mr. Eckhart’s behavior”. The lawsuit, obtained by The Los Angeles Times detailed Breslin’s fears of being alone on the sets with Aaron Eckhart. Due to her allegations, the filming of Classified came to a halt.

To fulfill her needs, the producers had to make special accommodations for Breslin which cost the team an additional $80,000. On top of that, the actress asked for a further $35,000 to finalize the agreement.


Although the studio complied with her conditions, the producers found no evidence of Breslin’s claims. The film suffered heavily due to her allegations and in response, Dream Team Studios and WM Holdings sued the actress for breach of contract.

“The entire production almost ground to a halt when Breslin advised the production of Eckhart’s aggressive, demeaning, and unprofessional behavior which she insisted placed her at various times in peril,” 

The lawsuit further continued,

“In order for the production to continue, among other things, Breslin refused to be alone in several scenes with Eckhart and costly accommodations had to be made by the production to accommodate Breslin’s demands or else Breslin would not continue to perform her contractual obligations.”

On the other hand, a representative for Abigail Breslin revealed to Rolling Stone that the actress has not received any such legal notices! The rep further said that Breslin denies all allegations and stands by her letter sent to SAG-AFTRA about the behavior of Mr. Eckhart. And to put the cherry on top, the producer of the movie alias Mr. Georgiev found no evidence for Breslin’s allegations!


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Abigail Breslin Has No Evidence To Back Her Claims!

Abigail Breslin in Stillwater
Abigail Breslin in Stillwater

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As per the lawsuit, the producer of the film conducted an investigation into Breslin’s claims about Aaron Eckhart’s behavior. Surprisingly, he found no evidence to back up these claims and the lawsuit went as far as to call her allegations “wild, hysterical and imaginary”.


The lawsuit further stated that Breslin is asking for additional payments to sign a form after which the movie can be released. With Breslin not signing the paper, the lawsuit stated that she “has completely imperiled the financial wellbeing of the production, including concluding distribution agreements and delivering under the terms of existing distribution agreements.” The lawsuit filed by Dream Team Studios and WM Holdings seeks $80,000 returned and additional compensation for the breach of contract!

Although there are no claims to back either of the sides, it seems that Classified will be a controversial movie if it ever sees the light of day. Abigail Breslin’s alleged baseless accusations have cost her her status in Hollywood while Aaron Eckhart has not commented on the matter.


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