1 Dragon Ball Character Has Defeated Goku & Vegeta With Zero Effort – Can She Do it Again?

In a big fight, this character beat the strong Dragon Ball characters Goku and Vegeta, making people wonder if she could do it again.

1 Dragon Ball Character Has Defeated Goku & Vegeta With Zero Effort - Can She Do it Again?


  • Fans argue about the strongest character in Dragon Ball.
  • Some say Goku, others say Vegeta, and some support Beerus.
  • However, there's one character who is unbeatable and has defeated Goku and Vegeta single-handedly.
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Fans usually think of powerful characters in Dragon Ball like Goku, Vegeta, or Beerus. But there’s one character from Akira Toriyama’s earlier work, Dr. Slump, who’s even stronger. This character is Arale, a normal-looking girl with amazing android powers.

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Goku and Arale
Goku and Arale in Dragon Ball Super

In a Dragon Ball Super episode called “Goku vs. Arale! An Off-the-Wall Battle Spells the End of the Earth?”, Arale surprises everyone. Even though she looks innocent, she easily beats Goku and Vegeta in that episode. Now, the question is: Can she do it again if she fights them once more?


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Arale is The Only Character Who Easily Defeated Goku And Vegeta

Arale is a powerful and energetic android created by scientist Senbei Norimaki. She lacks common sense and often unintentionally causes chaos, but her incredible strength and abilities make her nearly perfect. Arale’s quirky nature is attributed to “Toon Physics,” where she can survive things that would normally be fatal.


In a Dragon Ball Super episode, Arale appears and playfully battles Vegeta and Goku.In the episode, Arale gets a drug that makes her want to play a lot more, making her more destructive than usual. Vegeta tries to stop her, but she throws him through a wall. Vegeta is surprised by her crazy power.

Arale Defeated Vegeta
Arale Defeated Vegeta

Despite hard hits, Arale bounces back and defeats Vegeta. She then faces Goku, easily handling his Super Saiyan Blue form. The situation gets intense when Arale prepares a powerful attack, but the drug wears off, and she returns to normal.


The encounter is humorous because Arale is originally from an 80s comedy manga. Even Goku and Vegeta find it amusing to lose to her. Goku admits he’s never defeated Arale, and the only character she couldn’t beat is another from her own series.

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Can Arale Win if They Fight Again?

Arale’s strength is showcased when she matches Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha with her own ki blast and later unleashes a much more powerful blast.

In the funny showdown, Arale defeated Dragon Ball’s powerful characters Goku and Vegeta, sparking questions about whether she could do it again.

Arale in Dragon Ball
Arale in Dragon Ball

Arale, a character from Dr. Slump, was already part of Dragon Ball lore due to previous crossovers, which is only present in the anime. It’s possible she might appear again in the anime, considering the crossover history.

She remains strong, surpassing even Super Saiyan Blue level, making her the strongest non-divine character in Dragon Ball Super. She’ll definitely win if she fights Dragon Ball’s strong characters again, but the condition is that it has to be funny.


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