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1 PlayStation 5 Trick You Must Know to Play PlayStation 4 Games at 120fps

1 PlayStation 5 Trick You Must Know to Play PlayStation 4 Games at 120fps

PlayStation players are not able to play PS4 games at 120fps on PlayStation 5 as Sony currently only allows specifically designed PS5 games to be playable at 120fps and due to this even enhanced games like Warzone and Rocket League are not available at the frame rate. But it looks like there is a way around it and a professional game modder has found it.

It is no surprise that players are dissecting their consoles as there is nothing else to do really, there are no game updates, and not much is known about game releases on PlayStation other than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But till then, players can enjoy their PS4 games at 120fps on PlayStation 5 with this trick.

Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console
Sony PlayStation 5

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One Neat Trick Lets Players Enjoy PS4 Games at 120fps on PlayStation 5

Note that this trick requires plenty of technical knowledge and not all gamers would be able to do so. According to a report by PSU, a console modder going by the name Illusion on X somehow successfully ran their PS4 games at 120fps on PlayStation 5.

Although they did not reveal all the details on how they managed to do it, they just said that is now possible to play at 120fps on the ‘hacked’ PS5 console. Illusion shared a post on X playing what looks like Bloodborne and Gravity Rush 2 and both the games looked brilliant at 120fps.


Bloodborne fans have been waiting for a remastered version of the game for modern-generation consoles and while it is uncertain if it will ever happen or not, players could get the closest with this trick.

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Modders Previously Played PS4 games at 60fps on PlayStation 5

The console modder illusion had previously also played a number of PS4 titles at 60fps on PlayStation 5 with the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2. Another modder Lance McDonald was able to play Bloodborne at 60fps locked at 1080 on a hacked PlayStation 5.

The fans were impressed on seeing their favorite games with amazing graphics and desired a jailbroken PlayStation 5. However, they did not pull the curtain on how they managed to do this, it could be attributed to jailbreaking PlayStation 5.

Official artwork of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

There is currently no way to know when or if Sony will allow gamers to enjoy PS4 games at 120fps on PlayStation 5. There are still very few games that support 120fps on PS5 and that too is only possible on compatible TVs.

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