10 Awesome Fan Arts Showing Iron Man Versions of Other Superheroes

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Iron Man is undoubtedly one of the coolest superheroes on the planet. He is a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Everyone wants to be with him and whoever can’t be with him wants to be him. He is Marvel’s poster child. It was only natural that a few artists came together to show how the world would look like if the other superheroes donned the Iron Man suit.


The Iron Man armor has its signature chest lighting, gilded metallic alloy plates, and of course the tech oozing out of the hinges. The superheroes in question have their own unique abilities. Some have a connection to an extra-dimensional source of energy. Some have the blood of literal Gods running through their veins. Some are born and bred in violence and darkness. But all of them look stronger, faster, tougher, and way cooler with an Iron Man suit complementing their strength.

Let’s have a look.


Flash – Spider Maguire

It is Barry Allen. But wait, there’s more!! Barry Allen dons a crimson armor in this fan art. He is no longer just a red flash. He is an unstoppable force.

Wonder Woman – Marton Adam Marton


With her pitch black hair flowing away like that, she looks like a force of nature in that suit. Even more unsettling is the fact that she still look graceful in that deadly armor.

Thor – Nega SW

This looks more like a Gundam style suit tbh.


Deadpool – Saad Irfan

Has Wade started frothing yet?

Black Panther – Hk Artworks


Black Panther already has a high tech suit made up of vibranium. Throw in a tinge of Iron Man tech and we are game.

Groot – David Swanson

It may not make too much sense considering the roots come out of the suit. But it does look cool.


Captain America – Young Kim

Enough said!

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Batman – Kode LGX

The eternal rivals join forces, quite literally in fact.

Wolverine – Crispincjb


Wolverine already has a metal exo-skeleton. If he wears an armored exoskeleton, can anybody really defeat him? This might be where Marvel draws the line, isn’t it?

Green Lantern – Samuel Iniguez

Now you might say that the Lantern does not need an Iron Man suit. e could make one by him-self. But that does not disprove the fact that it looks good. There’s so much to the suit than what meets the eye.



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