10 Best Switch Games Under 10 Dollars

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Nintendo Switch is a great time, as long as you can have fun. Here is our list of top 10 games you can purchase on a budget:



If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing game with dark ambient, Limbo is for you. This game is only $9.99 and offers several levels of mysterious gameplay that will keep you engaged. While it isn’t your typical horror game, it has the potential to soothe and entertain with its subtle black and white puzzles.

Play in the dark world of limbo.

Among Us

We doubt you’ll have trouble recalling this game since it has been incredibly popular for the last couple of years. Invite your friends, complete tasks aboard a spaceship, and single out betrayers in your group, for only $5.00.

Will you be suspicious enough to be singled out? Try Among Us!

DoMarioom 3

Doom has been an ever-present title throughout the last decade. Players navigate through dark hallways, under the light of a dim flashlight. You will be confronted with the exciting risk of a potential alien attack. If you look forward to the feeling at the edge of your seat, consider purchasing Doom 3 for $9.99.

Go through the grizzly universe of Doom 3.

A Short Hike

On the calmer side, The Short Hike offers a lovely and tranquil storyline. You will travel as Claire, who embarks on an important journey for cell phone service. Discover calmness, and feel ever-present in a world of aesthetic beauty and nature. Purchase this game for only $7.99.

Relax with A Short Hike.


Set in a steampunk-styled world, Quake is a bloody FPS for $9.99. This game is highly entertaining, and difficult to back down from. Walk through different halls, rooms, and gateways, while keeping your guard. Mow down your enemies with flying bullets and pixelated weaponry.

Shoot ’em up in Quake.


Earth Wars

You are a human placed in a sci-fi universe, where your goal is to save the human race. Pack your character with your armor and weapons of choice, and see how you hold up to the monstrous threats in the game for $5.00.

Try Earth Wars and help save humanity.

Frederick: Resurrection of Music

Come aboard a funny, wacky, and sound-filled game, where your mission is to save beautiful music. Here you’ll experience the joy of hitting the right key on the piano, all while producing wonderful melodies. This game is available for only $5.00.

Hit the right keys with Frederick.


Explore an artistically pleasing universe, and play several original characters as your rush to stop the oncoming Storm. Fly, jump, glide, and have fun! Enjoy this beautiful world for $10.00.

Stop the evil storm in Shu!

Beach Buggy Racing

If you didn’t think we’d include a racer, you’ll want to sit down. Beach Buggy Racing is a speedy 3D run through a beach course, similar to Mario Kart, for a total of $9.99. Choose from characters, cars, and make sure to gauge your racing moves wisely.

How fast can you go with Beach Buggy Racers?

Blaster Master Zero

Are you a fan of classic arcade-style video games? Play this fun adventure game where you will follow a mission alongside beautifully designed pixel characters. Attack, survive, and advance! Buy this game for $9.99.

Do your best in Blaster Master Zero.

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Written by Emily Shadel

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