10 Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Own A Cell Phone

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It’s honestly hard to imagine our life without a cell phone in today’s time. There are however people who have been on a digital detox for a very long time to keep mental sanity and focus on the people and things in life that are important to them.



1. Elton John


During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his show in 2013 veteran music icon, Elton John claimed that he doesn’t own a cell phone. His Twitter and Instagram accounts are entirely handled by his team and his husband. However, He only uses an iPad to FaceTime his children when he isn’t at home.


2. Shailene Woodley


During a conversation with Jimmy Kemmel, the Fault in our Stars actor cited that phones cause communication gaps and she doesn’t keep one with herself. “The more you get away from all the technological buzz, the more freedom you have” she said.


3. Tom Cruise


During an interview with The Daily Star in 2007, the Mission Impossible star told that he never feels the need to keep a phone with himself.  “I have no iPhone, no mobile, no email address, no watch, no jewelry, no wallet. I simply want to be with my children and make movies.” Tom said.


4. Simon Cowell


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Simon Cowell explained how he finds mobile phones extremely toxic. “Even if you limit it, you know, you don’t want your telephone to rule your life,” he said.


5. Tyra Banks


After she welcomed her son in 2016, Tyra Banks went on a mobile phone detox. Although she couldn’t completely quit, Tyra limited her phone usage to text messaging.


6. Ed Sheeran


It was 2015 when the Shape of You hitmaker tossed his phone and went on a digital detox. Ed Sheeran claims that the absence of a phone in his life largely helps him reduce his stress levels.


7. Sarah Jessica Parker


The Sex And The City fame actress does keep a phone with herself but only uses it to respond to emails. Apparently, hearing “Your voicemail is full” when she used to check her calls was “horrifying” to her.


8. Vince Vaughn


Phones drive Vince Vaughn “crazy”. He said in a 2009 interview that it annoys him to see everybody around him talking and texting on their devices, especially now that payphones are slowly disappearing. He only uses emails for communicating and plans on not keeping a phone unless he absolutely has to.


9. Christopher Walken


Academy Award winner Christopher Walken admitted in an interview that he does not own a cell phone. His dislike for the digital world is so strong that he doesn’t even own a computer.”I don’t exist online. I don’t have a computer. I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t text.” Walken said in an interview with Newsweek.


10. Justin Bieber


Pop icon Justin Bieber revealed in March 2021 that he has switched to an iPad instead of a cell phone for staying in touch with near and dear ones. He wishes to be not reached by many people and the iPad helps him in setting these boundaries.


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