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10 Dark Animated Movies We Can’t Believe Were For Kids

The definition of an animated kids’ movie is that it should be funny, light and should please them. But certain directors added some dark elements in a kids’ animated film, which were definitely not meant for them. Let’s take a look at 10 dark animated movies which kids shouldn’t watch.

1. ParaNorman: A film that features a boy who can talk to the dead! Doesn’t sound like a kids movie! ParaNorman discusses death and shows it in a shady way. Kids afraid of ghosts and zombies shouldn’t watch this film; otherwise, it’s a great animated movie.

2. The Last Unicorn: The film is about a unicorn who finds that she is the last one left of her kind. Thus, she travels to see if there are any more left like her. The film doesn’t have a happy ending; it has tragic and haunting scenes that no kid will be interested in.

3. Spirited Away: The movie has too many dark moments, which can be nightmarish for kids. The film follows the story of a ten-year-old girl who travels into a magical world. For instance, in a scene where the spirit, ‘No Face,’ slurps down some employees of a bathhouse is so freaking terrifying!

4. Soul: A movie like Soul, which questions happiness and willingness to live, can be way too emotional for kids. Questioning our existence in a kids animation film can be saddening. The movie has many low moments which can make you cry a little too much.

5. FernGully: The Last Rainforest: The movie’s directors were clever enough to make a film on environmental degradation. Still, the movie remains a bit too hard for kids. The movie is about a fairy colony that goes through the after-effects of deforestation when a company targets their only home.

6. The Brave Little Toaster: The movie seems cheerful at the beginning with those anthropomorphized appliances. But as the film goes on, it’s a story about a group of lonely machines left behind to live in an abandoned cabinet. The kind of sadness shown by the characters when they are apart from Rob is too painful.

7. Watership Down: A bunny with red eyes, apocalyptic visions, and violent behavior aren’t the features of a kids animation movie. Bunnies should be cute, not horrifying to the point that it can scare the hell out of kids while watching the movie. It won’t leave a great impact after watching rabbits burying other rabbits alive. Such dreadful scenes should not be included in a kids movie; it can leave a child scarred forever!

8. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: This is one of the movies which is regarded as too dark for children. Greed, obsessiveness, racism, and violence are not the words for a kids animation. There are topics like discrimination, which is too dark for a small kid to watch.

9. The Secret Of NIMH: Don Bluth is famous for making the kids cry while watching an animated movie. This movie is no less; it has the darkest of themes and unethical animal testing. And how can one forget about the creepy moments like the Great Owl’s bone-covered lair?

10. Coraline: Coraline comes last in the list of 10 dark animated movies. The movie starts with a young girl who feels neglected. She ventures into a secret parallel world where everything looks perfect initially, but later, things take a terrifying turn. These things can scar kids for life!

Written by FandomWire Staff

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