15 Forgotten ’90s Non Disney Animated Movies You Grew Up Watching

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Disney is not the only one that brought magic and awe with their animated masterpieces in the ’90s. These non Disney animated movies were just as good. But most of them now remain forgotten.


Beavis And Butt-Head Do America

It had a star studded cast like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Based on the hit TV show, it was the ultimate children’s road comedy. Before there was Dumb 7 Dumber, it was this movie that taught us every journey can be an adventure.


Cats Don’t Dance

An ordinary cat with humble beginnings has set his eyes on becoming a Hollywood star. But the creature soon realizes it is easier said than done. People are not that curious to listen to musical felines.

Quest For Camelot


Kayley is a young girl who had always dreamt of becoming a knight like her father. She teams up with a blind hermit, a falcon, and a funky, two headed dragon to retrieve King Arthur’s sword – Excalibur.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Crysta is a fairy who lives in a rainforest in Australia. All her life she was fed a lie that humans are extinct. When a logging company comes to destroy her home, she accidentally shrinks a boy named Zak. Zak sees first hand how the logging is damaging the forest and helps Crysta stop Hexxus, an entity that feeds off of pollution.


The Pagemaster

A young lad takes shelter in a library during a storm. There he is transformed into an animated character and must go through various obstacles inspired from classic books to return to normal life.

The Swan Princess


The Swan Princess tells the story of a beautiful young woman who is transformed into a swan by a curse from a wicked sorcerer. She can only escape if she finds true love.


Thumbelina is a thumb sized girl who longs to meet someone her own size. When she meets Cornelius, the Fairy Prince, and falls in love with her, adventure ensues.



Once royalty, Anastasia’s parents were killed and she has been on the run ever since. Two cons bring her to the palace with hopes of making huge money, not realizing that she is indeed the real princess.

The Prince Of Egypt


Moses and Rameses are best friends. When the latter becomes the ruler of a kingdom while the former chooses to serve the people, the conflict that follows destroys their friendship and much more.

The Iron Giant

A sweet, inspiring tale, The Iron Giant tells the story of a mechanical giant that was created to be evil. But after learning the concept of humanity, the robot decides to save the people he was supposed to kill.


The Road To El Dorado

Two con-men manage to swindle their way into the mythical city of El Dorado – the City of Gold. Their they scam the native populace that believe them to be Gods. But forces greater than them are already at work to capture this city.

The Rugrats Movie


Directed by Igor Kovalyov, the Rugrats Movie is based on the cult classic hit animated series. This is one movie that defined a lot of our childhood back in the day.

Pokémon: The First Movie

A scientific experiment meant to clone a creature known as Mewtwo goes awry. The clone goes rogue, deciding humanity is unworthy of living in this world. Ash must do whatever it takes to thwart Mewtwo’s plans.


Jetsons: The Movie

George Jetson gets a promotion that makes his entire family relocate to the far reaches of space. While the rest of the jetsons are happy as heck with their new home, George Jetson is finding it hard to adjust to this new change of pace and place.



Z and Bala are two ants who feel out of place in their ant colony. Little do they know, destiny has planned something huge for both of them.


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