10 Do’s and Don’ts In Stardew Valley

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Here are a few tips if you’re new to Stardew Valley, or even if you’re a seasoned player.



Don’t Rush!


It’s important to play at your own pace. There’s no need to rush through any stage of this relaxing game, as it removes enjoyment and you’re sure to reach your goals in due time. You don’t want to burn out, and the game isn’t going to get up and leave. Make sure to have fun with it, and not only focus on getting tasks done. 

You could sleep for 5 years and everything would still be ok!

Do Check Weather

The weather can be checked on the TV. This will give you some insight as to what to expect for the upcoming time. If you’re clever, you can work around rain and use rainy days to water your crops automatically. This gives you some room to upgrade tools such as your watering can, at least to start with.

The weather and seasons are important aspects of the game.

Don’t Upgrade Your Watering Can

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll certainly want to upgrade all your tools, including your watering can. However, keep in mind that any tool you decide to update will be kept away from you for about 2 days. If you don’t have any sprinklers, and you choose to upgrade your watering can, you won’t be able to water crops until it’s 


Be smart about your watering can upgrades.

Do Keep Chests

Chests are, of course, great for storing. You’ll want to keep a chest full of good ingredients near your fridge, or somewhere in the general area. While you could technically place your items in the fridge, you risk losing things accidentally.

Chest categorizing can also be very fun.

Don’t Place Rare Fish in the Fridge


By doing so, you risk accidentally using your fish in a recipe. You wouldn’t want to lose out on them, so be sure to store your rare fish somewhere safe. 

Use cheap fish for recipes like Sashimi.

Do Fish Consistently

If you’re new to the game, getting discouraged by the fishing difficulty will likely get to you at some point or another. Here is your reminder to keep it going, since you’ll ultimately reap rewards by getting good at the mini game. 

Fishing becomes fun with a little practice.

Don’t Buy a Farm Without Silos

It’s tempting to go straight into buying animals, chicken coops, or a farm without a silo. After all, the game prompts you to buy a chicken house before ever purchasing silos in the tutorial. However, you won’t be able to feed your animals without one, so make you have it first. 

Of course, the all important Silos.

Do Interact with Townspeople


They have a ton of content to offer. Remember to go out there, make friends, and even give them something for their birthdays. It’s very much worth it, and it’s a good break from farming and mining. 

Keep a calendar next to your bed and keep track of birthdays.

Don’t Ignore Your Farm

A big amount of Stardew Valley’s joy comes from farming. It’s easy to forget to repair fences, or miss out on the fun of building an aesthetically pleasing farming land. Give it some work, and you’ll be more than happy with the effort you put into it. 

Just like home.

Do Play Arcade Games

These can be found in the Stardrop Saloon. They’re a bit hard, much like the fishing minigame, but are incredibly fun and it gives you something to do within the game if you need to kill some time. If you beat them, you will get the actual arcade game to place in your farm.

You could have your very own arcade game in your farm.



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Written by Emily Shadel

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