Top 10 Relaxing Mobile Games You Can Use to Wind Down

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With the ever-busy life we have learned to accommodate to, it’s not hard to feel stressed and in need of a short break. Here are the top 10 relaxing mobile games you can keep on your phone to wind down.



Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is an expansive game full of many features, making it an all-time favorite. Farm, forge, mine, fish, talk to NPC’s, get married, have a kid, and customize your own house. This seemingly small pixel game has a ton of depth and the potential to cool you down if you need a break.

Stardew Valley is a great immersive game.

Adorable Home

Ever wanted to settle down in a nice, cozy home? You can with Adorable Home, a relaxing simulation game where you will move into an apartment. Choose your partner, buy cute furniture,feed your pet, and make sure to prepare your loved one meals for work. The more you play, the more you’ll have for your lovely new lifestyle.

Make a new life in Adorable Home!

My Oasis

This is a calming sanctuary that you are able to keep and access directly on your phone, whenever you need it. Gain hearts, grow plants, acquire animals, and build your very own happy place with soft music and an appealing art style.

Create your very own sanctuary.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition


You can never go wrong with classic Minecraft. Build, mine, craft, and explore vast worlds to wind down. This game has an outshining musical track, providing you with nostalgia and just enough game-play to keep you active, yet relaxed.

Relax with classic Minecraft.

Perfect Expert 3D

There’s no satisfaction like fixing something that’s broken. In this game, you will be completing small tasks to fix objects for every level. Each object will find its way into your default screen, where you can collect them to admire.

Fix as much as you can in this small game.


Shredder Simulator

If you’ve been online for the past months, we don’t doubt that you’ll have come across some satisfying shredding videos. If you’d like to try,  get Shredder Simulator, where you can crush objects to your heart’s desire. This game uses real life physics making it an awesome choice for calming down.

Crush what you can!

Terrarium: Garden Idle

Many of us would like to keep a garden, but don’t want the hassle of needing to water them. Enter Terrarium, your small, peaceful virtual garden where you can buy as many plants as you’d like. Simply tap to harvest oxygen points, which you can use to buy new plants or upgrade the ones you already have. Fill your shelf up and collect them all!

Make your own mobile terrarium.

Dear My Cat


This beautifully designed game is bound to relax you. Play as a cat on an island, where you can walk around to soft instrumental music and upgrade your island to your taste. There is a gentle story behind it, so make sure to explore.

Play a gentle game about cats.


Going Balls


This game offers just enough challenge to keep you entertained, while still being satisfying and easy to pass. Roll a ball through different paths, finishing levels as you advance. Collect coins, and knock down objects, all while experiencing relaxing in-game physics and sound effects.

They got me rollin’, they hatin’.

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a simple, yet fun game where you will be combining elements to create new items. Enjoy yourself as you find new combinations and make crazier and crazier objects.

Combine and create!

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Written by Emily Shadel

Articles Published: 31