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10 Famous Films Franchises That Went Downhill With Each New Entry

Some famous films franchises had a brilliant run of sequels. And then there were others whose sequels ruined the whole series. Nowadays, it has become a must for a film to have the potential for a spinoff or a sequel. As a result, some famous films franchises can deliver some beautiful sequels and others fail miserably. 

1. The Terminator: This famous film franchise has never been able to reclaim its initial glory. The first two movies are considered to be iconic action movies. However, the latter films were thrashed at the box office. The fate of the latest one is still to be decided.

Terminator: Dark Fate , 10 Famous Films Franchises That Went Downhill With Each New Entry

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean: This was a franchise that did not know when to stop. The first movie was surprisingly funny and riveting. The second and third movies were just about passable. But the fourth and fifth got terrible reviews at the box office, with the fifth one being the worst.

 Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

3. Transformers: This was a series that went berserk. The Transformers was the most ridiculed and the most lucrative movie of its time. The first movie had funny scenes, decent action sequences, and relatable characters. The series got progressively worse with over-the-top action scenes and a plot that did not make sense or feel satisfying to watch.

Transformers The Last Knight Poster: 10 Famous Films Franchises That Went Downhill With Each New Entry

4. Saw: This is the most problematic franchise of all time. The first movie was a low-budget movie that managed to do well despite the problems it had. The sequels relied on gore and horror to see them through. Unfortunately, they were a rehash of the original, which did nothing to help the box-office performance.

Saw Horror Movie Poster

5. The Hobbit: The story of Middle Earth was plagued by inconsistent pacing, a general drop in quality, and over-reliance on CGI. Unfortunately, The Hobbit, based on the book, was made as a trilogy instead of a single movie and never really took off.

The Hobbit , 10 Famous Films Franchises That Went Downhill With Each New Entry

6. Fast And Furious: This was one of the most lucrative franchises and most awaited movies of our times. It relies more on visual appeal and excellent stunt work rather than emotion and a storyline. Fast and Furious 9 has been very poorly received at the box office as its signature car stunts have now grown repetitive and lost appeal.

Fast and Furious

7. Shrek: the first movie was a roaring success. The second movie also lived up to its predecessor. But unfortunately, all the other movies have failed miserably to live up to the audience’s expectations.


8. Chronicles of Narnia: The first two films were famous. The first one was a huge commercial success and very well received by critics. However, the second and the third movies got a very lukewarm reception at the box office. And the fourth movie was canceled.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,

9. Taken: Liam Neeson and the fresh nature of the plot and action sequences made the first movie a famous film. The second and third films seemed to continue from their predecessor rather than have an original storyline. Even the action sequences were less fun than the original.

Taken, 10 Famous Films Franchises That Went Downhill With Each New Entry

10. Ice Age: It didn’t need a sequel. The original movie was a complete and self-contained story whose characters did not need to come back. However, with the addition of new characters the charm of the other characters wore off, and the sequels got progressively worse.

Ice Age Poster:



Written by FandomWire Staff