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10 Fan Designed Captain America Costumes Better Than the Original

An iconic Marvel Comic Book character, Captain America is better known as the First Avenger. He was there before everything started. He has led the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes through thick and thin. Captain America is a true patriot in every sense of the word. Draped in the colors of Red, White, and Blue, Steve Rogers dons the mask and becomes America’s first and last line of defense against everything that threatens the free world. A legendary hero of his stature should not be limited by any means to a single costume.

Captain America has had many costume iterations in the Marvel Comic Book Universe Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown many different costume designs for the First Avenger. And we are here to show you some fan designed works for Steve Rogers’ suit. Most of them stick to the original version with a few nifty tweaks. A few of them are radically different and aim to completely change the way Captain America is seen by the masses.

The character’s design in the comic books has mostly stayed the same. Depending on the writer and illustrator, the design has changed a bit. From his time in the classic Golden Age to his time in the Secret Avengers, Steve Rogers aka Captain America has had quite the journey. Both Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have shown the guy in some vivid and radical colors. It’s time for the fans to take the color palette and give Steve Rogers a red, white, and blue salute.

1. Ransom Getty

The Red color as primary does look good, ngl.

2. Hiroim

The grey accents sure were a nice touch.

3. Captain America – Riot Guard

Cooked up by an unnamed artist, this version of Captain America would have done well in the DCEU.

4. Rodolpho Souza

A true blast from the past. Why did the MCU ship this one out?

5. Reza-Ilyasa

Captain America – Dungeons and Dragons version.


Steve Rogers is a man out of time. This fan art sums it up perfectly.

7. Red America

If Captain America was a socialist. He looks good even without the blue.

8. NathanDiazArt

If Captain America lost his arm or was given a prosthetic Winter Soldier arm, he would become truly unstoppable.

9. Tiguybou

This is what Captain America of the Future would look like. That looks futuristic AF.

10. Sketch Master Skillz

This costume combines Captain America’s military background with modern day designs.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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