10 Avengers Batman Who Laughs Would Absolutely Destroy!!

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One of DC’s newest super villains, the Batman Who Laughs is the greatest threat the DC Universe has ever faced. But what if the Batman Who Laughs jumps to the Marvel Comic Book Universe? Will the Avengers stop him or will he take down the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes??



We are not even considering Batman Who Laughs new Doctor Manhattan powers. Even without them, the evil batman has more than enough skills to take down the web-slinger. Spider-Man has far superior physical attributes but he is still a child trying to find his footing in a man’s world. The Batman Who Laughs has incredible experience at taking down foes way stronger than him. Spider-Man’s acrobatic skills might be enough to keep the Batman Who Laughs on his toes during the early stages of the fight. The Batman Who Laughs is dangerously unpredictable in single combat. Given his dangerously random attack patterns, not even the legendary wall-crawler might be able to overwhelm the Batman Who Laughs. In addition to that, he also does not hesitate to kill unlike Peter Parker. That will be a massive advantage.


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The Hulk

The Hulk may be overwhelmingly strong and nigh invincible. His physique is strong enough to crack open stars and destroy planets with a single punch. It will be very hard for the Batman Who Laughs to take down the Hulk once Banner hulks out. And that’s the trick – he won’t have to. The Batman Who Laughs will have one of two options. He could either incapacitate the Hulk with a meticulously well designed trap. Or he could go for the jugular – attack Bruce Banner instead of the Hulk. In Marvel Comics, Hawkeye has managed to kill the Hulk by killing Bruce Banner. The Batman Who Laughs could go for a similar strategy.


Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the smartest minds in the planet. His brilliant intellect has built machines that has taken down titans. The only problem is that Tony Stark relies too much on technology. Unlike the Batman, Iron Man is not a tactician. He is merely the world’s foremost engineer and inventor. In one on one combat, Iron Man would find it very difficult to put the Batman Who Laughs in the backfoot. The other fact about the Batman Who Laughs worth mentioning is that the Dark Knight is known to resort to black magic. Push comes to shove, all he needs to do is summon a crazy incantation. Let’s not forget his Bathattan powers as well.

Captain America


Out of all the people on this list, Captain America would prove to be the toughest to kill. He is the world’s greatest battle tactician and strategist. If the Batman Who Laughs decides to get down and dirty with Steve Rogers, that might be the end of the line for the former. Considering he is an evil, faster, and dirtier version of Batman, the Batman Who Laughs would use immoral and unethical tactics to get the better of Captain America. Captain America’s sense of righteousness will most probably get in the way. He has a nasty habit of letting his villains live to fight another day just like Batman. The Batman Who Laughs would just keep on coming till he gets lucky.

Black Widow

Black Widow, despite her background in espionage and sabotage, is one of the easiest to manipulate. She has shown too many weaknesses throughout the years. In a one on one fight, Black Widow would definitely be at a disadvantage. She also has a nasty habit of using hit and run tactics in combat. So the Batman Who Laughs will resort to hurting the people closest to her. This would surely get under her skin and make her do things should wouldn’t have done if her heart was in the right place. She is also one of the least powerful avenger in this list both in terms of skills and super powers. Taking her down will be a piece of cake for the Batman Who Laughs.


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Hawkeye is one of the most capable marksmen in the history of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But guess who also fought along with and trained under the most elite organization of ancient assassins in the world? The Batman Who Laughs has taken down the Batman, who in turn is capable of making people like Deathstroke and Richard Dragon bite the dust. Hawkeye will not stand a chance against the oncoming onslaught. He can only escape and run. But no matte how evasive his maneuvers, the Batman Who Laughs will catch him nevertheless. It will be a quick and swift end for Clint Barton.



Namor has been a part of many superhero teams of the Marvel Comic Book Universe – the invaders, Defenders, the Illuminati, the X-Men and of course, the Avengers. Namor is the King  of Atlantis. His physiology gives him superhuman physical attributes both underwater and on the surface. He also has the power of the powerful Atlantean Army and the massive fleet under his command. The Batman Who Laughs has already conquered countless other parallel universes where he has fought and defeated Aquaman and DC’s version of the Atlantis. Namor’s skill sets closely resembles that of Aquaman’s. So the Sub-Mariner won’t be able to keep up.



Thor’s Godly strength and Asgardian powers have defeated other-worldly threats before. So he would be the most suited to fight and defeat the Batman Who Laughs. After the events of Dark Nights: Metal, the Batman Who Laughs accepted to become a henchman of Perpetua, the Chaos Goddess. Under her command, he fought and defeated a powerful being with pretty much similar powers like Thor’s Captain Marvel aka Shazam of the DC Universe. He did so by using corrupting influence to bring out the hero’s darkest side to life. Batman Who Laughs actually turned Shazam into a super villain. If he could do that with the world’s mightiest mortal, then what’s to stop him from pulling the same against Earth’s Mightiest Hero?

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Doctor Strange


Stephen Strange’s impressive knowledge of the mystic arts would be a massive thorn on the Batman Who Laughs’ side. In his own parent universe from the dark multiverse, the Batman Who laughs devised plans to kill everyone. Not even the Spectre – the embodiment of God’s Divine Wrath and the most powerful entity in the universe, could survive the onslaught. This proves magic is not something that could stop Batman Who Laughs in his tracks. He could find a way around Doctor Strange’s Eldritch Magic. Moreover the Batman Who Laughs is proficient in magic him-self.


Deadpool’s regenerative healing power means it is almost impossible for him to be killed. He can heal from literally any wound. His ability to break the fourth wall and his awareness means he has a level of plot armor. The Merc with a mouth can rant all he wants. But in the end, no matter how many times he comes at the Batman Who Laughs, the latter would dice and slice him up. The Evil Batman comes loaded with a plethora of techniques to take down unstoppable foes. If he is pushed into a corner, Batman Who Laughs will just disintegrate Deadpool with his Dr. Manhattan Powers.



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