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Spider-Man 3: Sony, Marvel To Start Production in 2021

Spider Man 3 Sony Marvel To Start Production in 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing up for its next phase with a new generation of superheroes leading the charge. The next decade will see many new faces gracing the screens while younger heroes from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 get more spot light. Spider-Man, who has two solo movies already – Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, is getting ready for the third installment to the sub-franchise – the untitled Spider-Man 3. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have joined forces. According to reports, Spider-Man 3 will be starting production only in 2021.

Spider-Man 3 movie production

Spider-Man: Far From Home gave viewers quite a few twists and turns. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio out-shone Holland’s Spider-Man in more ways than one. The movie itself ended on a mother of all cliff-hangars, paving the way what a future Spider-Man movie will focus on. The many twists that were included in the movie were the fact that Nick Fury was a Skrull all along, Spider-Man’s secret identity as Peter Parker was made public, and the real Nick Fury had been working on something that looked very similar to the S.W.O.R.D headquarters.

Spider-Man 3 spider-man i am back

A Spider-Man 3 movie will focus on Peter Parker becoming a fugitive and trying to clear his name off of all the charges he is currently accused of. There are a lot of windows of opportunities for Spider-Man 3 but only a few of them are worth making an effort to explore. The next Spider-Man movie will surely keep the fans on the edges of their seats considering the stakes would be higher than ever for Peter Parker and friends as they evade the authorities and fight yet another super-villain that threatens countless innocent lives.

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Spider-Man 3’s original release date was for July 2021. The movie’s entire schedule had to be pushed further back because of the corona virus pandemic. Sony Pictures revealed that they had pushed the date to November 2021. The release date was pushed back again by the studio. Spider-Man 3 now has a December 17, 2021 release date.

Spider-Man 3 production and filming

Production and Filming for the movie is yet to begin in full. Spider-Man 3 has to juggle many balls. The third Spider-Man movie will begin production in the Summer of 2020. There were already rumors of another massive delay in production that would push the release date even further. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland had a slip of tongue in an interview, accidentally revealing that Spider-Man 3 will finish production by February 2021.

Now sources claim that the actual starting date of Production goes even further. Facing significant delays, the actual date when the third Homecoming movie will start production is in the Winter of 2021.

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This is both good as well as bad news. The film actually had an initial Summer 2020 production schedule. But the delays happening due to obvious reasons would push production back to the Winter of 2021 which will be either January or February. The good news is that we can now rest assured that Spider-Man 3 will definitely begin production in that set date, with further plans about to be enacted to make the movie a reality.

Spider-Man 3 spider-man finish production

As far as shooting is concerned, the movie will be finished by the Summer of 2021. Sony and Marvel are not taking any chances. From the looks of it, the accidental reveal by tom Holland about the February 2021 production schedule gives us another insight. The Studio probably pushed the production schedule again. Many numbers of factors could have warranted such a decision. Waiting out the pandemic to die down would be but one of the reasons. Tom Holland will be starring in Sony’s Uncharted movie. The production for the movie is still going on. Holland would be extremely busy. A Winter 2021 production timeline leaves plenty of time for Tom Holland to finish the Uncharted movie project and then move on to another blockbuster venture.

Spider-Man 3 holland uncharted

That is a good decision considering both Sony and Marvel would like Holland to pour in all his focus and energy while filming Spider-Man 3. If the actor was juggling two high value projects at the time, the results would have been sub-par. Neither Sony not Marvel could risk such a move.

Spider-Man 3 production dates

The production dates are growing nearer and there are still many details about Spider-Man 3 the fans have zero idea about. The third Spider-Man movie is still untitled, and we have no knowledge of new characters or even the super-villain that will be the lead antagonist of the movie. a few weeks ago, rumors started circulating that Spider-Man 3 will have the title Spider-Man: Homesick. Murphy’s Multi-Verse reported that the third Spider-Man movie is being called Homesick by prominent entertainment magazines like Maxim and Esquire on their websites. The movie will have its sets in Atlanta, Georgia – a location famous for being a hot spot for Marvel Studios movie project locations. Neither Sony nor Marvel have actually confirmed the news about the movie’s official title.

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Spider-Man 3 will focus on how Spider-Man deals with an existential crisis. The authorities will be coming for his head for the ‘murder’ of Mysterio. The villain’s cryptic death left a lot of room for his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some rumors claim that Gyllenhaal is coming back to Spider-Man 3. The movie’s Winter 20201 production schedule also provides enough wiggle room or the screen-writers to put Spider-Man in a live-action setting viewers have never seen the friendly neighborhood superhero in before: the harsh winter.

Spider-Man 3 spider-man far from home ending scene

Release date for Spider-Man 3 is December 17, 2021. Expect another flurry of twists and turns in the movie. Considering Sony is planning to launch its own Spider-Verse, and is planning to launch many Spider-Man related shows, Spider-Man 3 will be made to pave the way for the future of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the big screens. A lot is riding on the shoulders of the wall-crawler this time. Maybe that is why Sony and Marvel are taking it slow. A late 2021 release date for the movie makes all the more sense now. If there are any more production delays is a question only time can give us an answer to. Let’s hope there aren’t any hindrances.

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