10 Incredible Facts About DC’s New Black Batman

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Bruce Wayne is dead. The DC Universe has chosen its next Batman. Tim Fox will take up the role of the Caped Crusader. Who is he and how did he get here?


Son Of Lucius Fox

Tim Fox is the son of Lucius Fox, a vital contributor in Bruce Wayne’s formative years as the Batman. Lucius was responsible for coming up with many of the signature gadgets and equipment Batman used to fight crime. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, Lucius was the brains behind the Bat-Plane termed “The Bat” as well as the Tumbler Batmobile. Tim Fox is also the brother of Luke Fox. Luke Fox is a well-known member of the Bat Family. His superhero code name was Bat-Wing. Tim started out as a disgruntled kid who never grabbed anybody’s attention. Little did we know Dc was about to make him the new Batman.


Hated Bruce Wayne As A Child

Lucius Fox used his infinite genius to help a rich boy brat who never cared for his father. That was Tim Fox’s perception. He saw his father toil for Bruce Wayne, coming back home well past curfew everyday. Tim never knew Bruce Wayne was Batman so he could never comprehend why his father worked so hard for a man who never appreciated his genius. Lucius could never understand why Tim was always so mad at him and acted out in front of him. Tim Fox was a rebellious kid who seldom expressed his feelings to his father.

A Problem Child


because his father never understood him,  Tim acted out in ways that would irritate him. Lucius was finally taken aback and their relationship became estranged. Tim decided to leave his home and find fortune elsewhere. When the Fox Family acquired the Wayne Family assets, Tim finally came back to make amends. The Fox Family was finally back once again but Lucius and Tim’s strained relationship would remain be a pitiful knot in the Fox Family Tree.

Former League Of Assassins Member

After leaving his home and family behind, Tim took to a life of crime. And since it is the comic books, there are obviously going to be top secret classes where they teach you how to be a good criminal. Tim joined one of these classes to learn the basics of how to become a good thug. Little did he know that the class was being presided over by the League of Assassins. He even encountered the legendary Gregorian Falstaff, one of the most infamous and corrupt business rivals of Bruce Wayne. The League of Assassins managed to convince Tim Fox to do their bidding – bring down Bruce Wayne.


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Bruce Wayne Defeated Him

Tim and a group of thugs were trained and instructed to attack Bruce Wayne. The real motif was to not kill Bruce Wayne but take away his wealth and fortune. Batman would eventually cease to co-exist without the Wayne fortune. Tim was caught in the crossfire when Batman caught up to the trespassing criminals. He even beat the living daylights out of Tim Fox. When Batman finally realized who Tim was, he got a proper talking to from the Dark Knight. Batman was extremely disappointed.


Nightwing Saved Him From Batman

To think the son of one of his staunchest allies would stoop so low was incomprehensible for Batman. Bruce somehow felt himself responsible for not being able to bring Tim back into the light. It was Dick Grayson who managed to talk batman out of doing something drastic. Dick Grayson was going through some personal issues of his own. He could understand why Tim Fox would become this wayward. And just like that, once again a former Robin saves the day.

His Purpose For Becoming Batman


Bruce Wayne became Batman to stop the spread of evil from victimizing innocent lives the way he was when he was just a kid. His one man war on crime was because he was orphaned at a very young age and he did not want any other children to go through what he did. Tim Fox’s motivations for becoming Batman are a bit different. Tim was easily manipulated by the League Of assassins into doing something the consequences of which would have been horrible. He wants to become Batman to make up for what he almost did as well as ensure no other innocent person is taken advantage of again.

Bad Luck Stopped Him From Becoming Batman In The Past

Tim Fox was introduced a long while ago in the comic books. He was a very good and fleshed out supporting character. Fans loved his rebellious nature. But the writers phased him out of the Gotham stories because they did not know what to do with him. Tim Fox was phased out because there were better, more popular characters in the queue to be a part of the Bat Family. Tim Fox was late to the party. Had he been included in the Bat Family back then they originally wanted him to, he would have had become Batman a long while ago.


His Guest Appearances Were Extremely Scarce

You may have seen him in a few pages in DC Comics. Tim Fox did exist in modern DC Comic book storylines but his appearances were of the ‘blink and you will miss it’ kind. He was there in Batman: The Joker Warzone. It was right after the Falstaff Fiasco. Only the overlords at DC know why they chose Tim to take up the mantle of the Bat and not someone else. There might be plans for him DC is not ready to divulge with us just yet.

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He Will Fight The Magistrate

Batman had all the crime to fight in Gotham. There were so many evil scum running around in the city that Batman went out of his way to help the authorities tame them all. Tim Fox will be working the other way around. He will be fighting the authorities. In the future, the superheroes of Gotham no longer exist, Gotham has turned into a dystopian police state. The Magistrate is an oppressive regime that rules the city with an iron fist. All dissidents have been deemed criminals. Tim Fox’s Batman will team up with these ‘criminals’ to defeat the Magistrate and liberate the city.


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