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10 Iron Man Armors Tony Stark Has Only Worn In Comics

Although the MCU has shown us many Iron man armors, there are a few intriguing ones we may never ever see in the movies anymore.

Cold Iron Armor

Cold Iron Armor

As the name implies, the Cold Iron Armor is not made out of titanium alloys. It is the first Iron man armor to be made out of pure iron. It was built by Tony Stark in captivity. Capable of firing iron based projectiles and iron blades on its arms, the armor was perfect for fighting Dark Elves, who are vulnerable to iron.



The Model-Prime armor was created by Tony Stark to be a fusion of all the single use armor technologies he had created up to that point. It had a stealth mode and an incredible ensemble of firepower. Like all other Iron Man armors, it came with repulsor rays and a unibeam. it can also transform into a Hulkbuster suit.



Iron Man Model 22 was Iron Man’s attempt at creating a suit of armor that can take on Thor, the God of Thunder. Powered by a special crystal that can produce limitless energy, it could go toe to toe with an Odin-Force powered Thor.


Endo-Sym Armor

Iron Man Model 50 was created by Tony after he went evil. The armor is symbiotic in nature, capable of responding to Tony’s thoughts. It has been known to add up mass to itself to resemble a Hulkbuster and even take point blank lightning strikes from Storm.

Deep Space Armor

Deep Space Armor

Tony Stark created this armor while a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was capable of warp-speed interplanetary travel and had a special Stark tech armory. Tony could also use the deep Space armor to remotely control all other Iron Man armors on Earth.

The Godkiller


The idea for an anti-Celestial armor came to Tony after he saw an armor made by an alien race to specifically fight the Celestials. The Godkiller was kept in Mars and when summoned, allowed Tony to go toe to toe with a Dark Celestial.

Iron Sorcerer Armor

Iron Sorcerer

In What If…. #113, Tony Stark becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Instead of wearing teh Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation like a normal sorcerer, he creates a suit of armor and integrates the magical artefacts into them.

The Virtual Armor

Virtual Armor

The Virtual Armor is unique in many ways. It is not made out of metallic alloys and polymer. The Virtual Armor is constructed out of electronics and solid holograms. The armor was almost invisible and could taken on the form of any technology or weapon as Tony Stark wanted it to.

Fin Fang Foombuster

Model F3B

Called the Model F3B, the Fin Fang Foombuster used multiple repulsor cannons that combined to form a huge mecha like suit. It was designed for fighting the iconic dragon.

The Godbuster Armor

Godbuster Armor

Tony Stark unlocks a whole new level of his creative and cognitive abilities in a virtual realty plane. He then creates the Godbuster armor. The armor had a massive cannon on its back and literally anyone who saw it in action called it the strongest iron Man armor ever created. Tony was so terrified of its power he destroyed it the moment he defeated his enemy.