Shang-Chi: Greatest Plot Holes The Movie Failed To Explain

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Marvel has recently released Shang-Chi in theaters, and it has been a great success until now. Indeed Shang-Chi has one of the best action scenes in the entire MCU movie. From Shang-Chi to Wenwu, the film is full of masters of close combat. However, there are several plot holes that the film didn’t answer. First, the Ten Rings from the movie have been in the MCU since the first Iron Man movie (2008).


The mid-credits and post-credits scenes assure viewers that there are still more mysteries to solve. Shang-Chi has a great origin story like none other in the MCU. But a perfect film does not exist. There are always plot holes in a movie. So here are the Greatest Plot Holes that Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings Failed To Explain.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the movie “Shang-Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings.


1. We should start with “what are the Ten Rings?”


That is the most obvious question one could ever ask. The Mandarin‘s Ten rings were found in the wreckage of a crashed starship. Each ring has a unique power. MCU, however, omitted to explain how Wenwu came to possess these ten rings since they used their origin story directly. 

2. The next question is How do the Ten Rings work?




Shang-Chi’s post-credit scenes reveal that the Ten rings are something that Earth has never seen. They are neither made from Vibranium nor can Captain Marvel recognize the metal. Incredibly, when Shang-Chi takes possession of the rings, they begin to emit some form of radiation. The reason is still unknown to us.

3. How is it that the Master of Mystic Arts hasn’t crossed paths with Wenwu yet when he has used the Ten Rings for thousands of years?

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We all know that The Ancient One uses the Eye of Agamotto to be aware of potential threats to the planet. She might have already seen at that moment of the danger posed by Wenwu. There could be two reasons behind this. Firstly, she couldn’t see the future beyond her death. Second, it was possible that Eye of Agamotto was not powerful enough to recognize the Ten Rings. 

4. Has Marvel forgotten about the “five-year time jump” in Endgame?

Marvel has given Thanos' infamous finger snap in 'Avengers: Infinity War' a name - Entertainment

Shang-Chi’s story begins with his birth in 1995. The events in the film take place in late March and early April 2021, when the gate to Ta Lo opens during the Chinese festival Qingming Jie. Despite its setting in the post-Endgame era, Thanos‘ snap does not have any effects here. 


6. Is there a history behind the Dragon Eye pendants?

If yes, then what is it? The movie shows that Shang-Chi’s mother gave him and his sister the pendants before her death. The combination of the two will open the map to Ta-Lo. So according to the film, there may not have been such a great gulf between Shang-Chi’s mother and the people of Ta Lo. As a shrine was built in her memory, they allowed her to return with her children.

7. How can he maintain his skill level if he has not sparred?

Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu on why MCU gave a modern update to the superhero: 'Certain things about original comics didn't work from an Asian-American lens' | Entertainment News,The Indian Express


It is clear from the film that when Shang-Chi moved to the U.S.A, he had no place for his practice. Although he’s seen doing push-ups before he goes to work, but is that enough? The skills he possesses should be practiced regularly. Although we can consider it a convenient plot device, this is one area where the film’s authenticity breaks down.

So these were some of the Plot holes in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of 10 Rings.” 

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