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8 Versatile Anime Superpowers That Could’ve Easily Killed Thanos, Ending Infinity War In An Instant

The world of anime is full of overpowered abilities that would end Infinity War in a second. The Avengers should recruit these heroes next.

Izanami – Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Izanami is a special ocular technique only available to the wielders of the Mangekyou Sharingan of the Uchiha Clan. The ability traps the enemy in a never-ending time loop until and unless the opponent accepts his or her fate and stops fighting. Itachi would have probably ended the Battle of Wakanda in one split second with this technique. Thanos would be forced to accept defeat otherwise remain trapped in time.

Gilgamesh – Gate Of Babylon (Fate)

Gilgamesh can call upon the destructive abilities of the Gates of Babylon, which unleashes all the artifacts he had collected throughout his life. Those who have seen the Fate series would testify how chaotic and destructive this ability is. Gilgamesh controls all the mystical weapons at will. he can use them in armed combat or launch them as projectiles. The barrage is never-ending since Gilgamesh has an infinite supply of weapons.

Lelouch – Geass (Code Geass)

Lelouch needs to make eye contact with Thanos. Just one single moment of eye contact would do. And Thanos would forever become his slave. There is no counter for Lelouch’s Geass ability. The only problem he would face is coming face to face with Thanos to activate his power. Considering Lelouch is so gifted in battle strategy and tactics, he would probably find a way.

Escanor – Sunshine (Seven Deadly Sins)

Fans of the Seven deadly Sins anime would know the sheer godlike power of this ability. Once possessed by the archangel Mael, it was passed down to Escanor. Escanor’s Sunshine grants him tremendous physical attributes with position of the sun in the sky. When the sun is at the highest position, Escanor gains the ultimate invincible incarnation of this ability. Thanos won;t stand a chance.

Satoru Gojo – Infinity (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo uses this ability to tap into the Infinity space. When using this ability, no attack – physical or otherwise, can touch him. And since he controls the flow and movement of things within the Infinity dimension, he is closest thing to a God. Combined with his domain expansion, he is nigh-unstoppable.

Goku – Ultra Instinct (Dragon Ball)

Ultra Instinct is an ability that was never meant to be mastered by mere mortals. Yet somehow Goku managed to unlock this ability. When using this power, Goku’s speed, strength, and reflexes are enhanced to near cosmic levels. Thanos may have the infinity stones but Goku won’t even let him move a muscle, let alone snap his fingers.

Might Guy – Eight Gates (Naruto)

The human body, in the Naruto-verse, has eight gates that control the flow of chakra. When you open all eight gates, you temporarily achieve a power that transcends reality. But the price is almost certain death. Might Guy can one-shot Thanos with this technique if he gets serious.

One Punch Man – Just A Punch (One Punch Man)

Saitama is bored. His uncanny ability to defeat everyone with just one punch makes life way too easy for him. On one fine day while he’s on his way to the veggie market, he meets Thanos trying to destroy the universe. Saitama beats the living daylights out of him with one punch and moves on. “Let’s have broccoli today”, he thinks. End of story.