10 Makeovers That Made Actors’ Lives Miserable

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While signing up for a role, it is a very essential job for any actor to transform themselves into their character. This process often involves a little more than just acting. Take a look at 10 actors who went through makeovers that made their lives miserable:


1. Ariana Grande can be easily recognized from a distance because of her signature high ponytail. Well, it turns out she doesn’t have much of a choice in hairstyles. Ariana had to dye her hair red to appear as Cat in Disney’s Victorious. The frequent coloring has damaged her actual hair a lot. 


2. After curling and bleaching her hair excessively for two seasons in One Tree Hill, Hilarie Burton’s hair was so damaged she had to cut it and return to a more natural color for Season 3.


3. Jennifer Lawrence damaged her hair during the filming of The Hunger Games. She had to dye her naturally blonde hair dark brown. For one of the award seasons, Lawrence wanted to go all blonde but her hair had so much color build-up that she decided to cut it off to her shoulders.


4. Even her co-star John Hutcherson lost hair after excessive dyeing. He had to dye his naturally brown hair blonde for The Hunger Games films.

5. Sophie Turner surely rocks her red hair on Game of Thrones, but she’s actually a natural blonde. Constantly dying it brown and red, damaged her hair to an extent that she had to use a wig for Game of Thrones. 


6. Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter had to get his hair dyed every 10 days to prevent dark roots and keep his hair white. In a 2008 interview, “The worst thing was dying my hair blonde. It built some superhuman resistance, but it seems to have survived.”

7. While the iconic “Rachel Cut” was everyone’s favorite from Friends, it still made Aniston’s life quite miserable. She believed it was the ugliest haircut that she had ever gotten. It frustrated her when she wouldn’t be on set because she found it impossible to style on her own.

8. Comedian Margaret Cho was pressured to shed a few pounds when she was cast in All-American Girl. She was told she was too overweight to play the part of her own self. Margaret reduced her food intake excessively and later ended up in the hospital with kidney failure from “not eating.”


9. When she was doing the film Adrift, Shailene Woodley was permitted only 350 calories a day for weeks to play the part of a sailor lost at sea. She described the experience as ‘miserable’ and claimed that she couldn’t fall asleep at night because she can’t sleep when she’s hungry. Woodley would have a glass of wine every night to doze off.

10. Chris Evans struggled and hated the amount of time that he had to give to the gym in a day in order to prepare for his role as Steve Rogers/Captain America. “It was grueling, brutal and I’d find any excuse possible not to go but I had to do it.”


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