Eternals: Chris Evans Responsible For Making Way For Gemma Chan’s Sersi?

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Gemma Chan is not a new face in Marvel movies. We saw her in the MCU first in 2019 in Captain MarvelShe played the role of Minn-Erva, who was a Kree sniper and a Starforce member. She fought against Captain Marvel and was on a mission to kill all the Skrull refugees. However, in the final battle, Minn-Erva faces her fate and is killed by Maria Rambeau. We are going to see her again in Marvel’s upcoming movie, Eternals, and this time, not with blue make-up. But is Chris Evans responsible for Gemma Chan’s Sersi?


Kevin Feige talks about Gemma Chan’s casting in Eternals

Eternals: Chris Evans Responsible For Making Way For Gemma Chans' Sersi?
Kevin Feige talks about Gemma Chan’s casting

Since she has already played a role in the MCU movie, people are questioning the casting of Gemma Chan as Sersi in Eternals. However, the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, does not doubt it at all. While talking about it in an interview, he spoke about not casting Chan as, “It would have been shooting ourselves in the foot.” He added:

“I can go back to Chris Evans being on the list for Captain America, and some people said, ‘Oh, well, he played the Human Torch [in 2005’s Fantastic Four]. Maybe we shouldn’t consider him.’ And we said, ‘No, that’s okay,’ and the rest is history.”

So, since Chris Evans turned out to be one of their best casting decisions, it probably paved the way for Gemma Chan to appear as Sersi.


Gemma Chan’s Sersi

How Eternals' Gemma Chan Feels About Playing A New MCU Character After Her Role In Captain Marvel - CINEMABLEND
Gemma Chan in Captain Marvel

While talking about how she received the offer, she remembers bumping into Kevin Feige when she was promoting Crazy Rich Asians. He kindly complimented her for her performance and said that he would love to work with her again. At that, she thought, “Oh, well, that might mean sometime in the future, who knows when? Maybe he’s just being nice.” 

However, the best part the actor finds about playing Sersi in Eternals is that she does not have to sit for her make-up for four hours every day and get herself painted blue. “I have to say that was somewhat of a relief,” she said with a laugh. “It was nice not finding blue paint in my crevices weeks later.”

Sersi in Eternals

Eternals' Lead Character Is Gemma Chan's Sersi, Says Kevin Feige
Gemma Chan as Sersi

Sersi was one of the last roles to be cast for the movie, although she’s the emotional center of the entire plot. Unlike other Eternals, she is empathetic and has a soft spot for humans. The character is dating Dane Whitman and works in a museum in London. While casting Chan for the role, Kevin Feige and the movie’s director, Chloé Zhao, almost instantly chose her.


While talking about her character, Chan explained, “She’s not the most obviously impressive Eternal in terms of her powers. She’s not the strongest, and she’s not the best fighter, but her power really is her empathy.”

The entire star-cast, the movie’s plot, and its trailers are captivating enough to make us all very eager to watch how the film turns out. How excited are you? Tell us in the comments below.

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