10 Most Brilliantly Creative Horror Movie Plots Of The Last Decade


It’s a prerequisite to a good horror movie that it should have a thick and juicy plot to work with; otherwise, it’s just a bunch of jump scares. The last decade has seen the emergence of some incredible and unthinkable stories. We’ve compiled the list for you to catch on, so here are 10 Brilliantly Creative Horror Movie Plots Of The Last Decade.

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10. A Quiet Place: A world invaded by aliens who see through sound, and the rest of the surviving people have to survive without making any noise. It’s a silent thriller.A Quiet Place

9. Gerald’s Game: after A Stephen King novel where a couple goes to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, the husband dies after handcuffing the wife to the bed. This movie becomes a classic fight for survival.Gerald's Game- horror

8. You’re Next: A story begins rather merrily with a woman visiting her boyfriend’s family, which turns into something else when masked men try to invade their house. It’s a nail-biting movie till the end.You're Next

7. Happy Death Day: A movie inspired by the concept of a time-loop from “Groundhog Day.” The difference is there’s a girl who gets killed and lives the same day over and over again.Happy Death Day

6. It Follows: A movie where supernatural beings start haunting those who have caught the sexually transmitted parasite. It’s a new concept that has received good jump scares.It Follows

5. The Purge: A movie where all the crimes are made legal for 24 hours. A family tries to survive in the bizarre condition. However, simply covering the ordeals of one family may seem like a setback to the plot. The Purge- horror

4. Hereditary: This movie shows the terrible experiences a woman has to suffer after bearing the loss of her family members. It’s a little different from the rest of the horror movies as it shows that the grief of losing someone you love is an absolute horror.Hereditary - horror

3. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: A movie about a vampire who gives out vigilante justice to people with the help of her powers. A beautiful screenplay where the girl even falls in love, showing a human touch to the undead.A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night- horror

2. Don’t Breathe: A thriller movie where a bunch of kids breaks into a blind guy’s house who’s very rich. However, the blind guy is not that helpless as they thought he was. When they break in to steal his wealth, they find that he’s a deadly killer, as the war veteran hadn’t forgotten who he was.don't breathe- horror

1. Get out: A movie that slowly creeps up on you. A Black photographer visits his white girlfriend’s parents. However, the movie gets tremendously disturbing, as  the protagonist realizes what was really going on behind the closed gates of the white community. The movie received Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay.Get Out- horror




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