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10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts Ranked

Despite saving the day, these movie heroes did some terrible things and killed a lot of people. Some of these famous heroes are bad people with good intentions, while others get away with their crimes. The movie universe is filled with fascinating heroes—from the big screen to comic books. Some of these iconic characters are known for their heroic deeds, while others are notorious for their obsession with killing. Here are 10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked.

1. No movie hero is as ruthless as “Godzilla,” who’s like a walking nuclear explosion.

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

Godzilla defended humanity against monsters that were worse than him. In exchange, he dealtd a large amount of collateral damage and civilian casualties. If his foes, such as King Ghidorah, had won, the expense would have been higher. He has the potential to destroy cities in a minute. 

2. It is a common quip in superhero movies that collateral damage or civilian deaths occur, but “Man Of Steel” took this to a whole new level.

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

Snyder’s rebuke of Superman’s myth yielded a nightmare of superpowers battling rather than a spectacle. KAC estimates that at least 129,000 people died when Superman and General Zod destroyed Metropolis. 

3. Barney’s team managed roughly 1,190 kills across three films as a crew of heroic and ruthless assassins. 

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

The Expendables movies are well known for the violence and bloodshed they cause in film. With the 4th movie incoming, fans expect the Expendables’ body count to surpass 1,500 soon.

4. Due to his Charm, people often forget that James Bond is a lethal assassin.

no time james

James Bond has outsmarted and outkilled every kind of foe, including fully-armed terrorists and professionals more deadly than him. That said, he doesn’t kill to kill. Many of the people Bond kills are bad guys. Only on occasion does he kill innocents. Bond has killed about 597 people in total.

5. Only a few action heroes can match the record-breaking body count of John Rambo. 

rambo 0

One-Man army Rambo boasted 59 confirmed kills. In addition to the Vietnam War, Rambo has killed 552 people in movies. As a result of killing so many people, Rambo set a world record twice.

6. Ogami Itto Once had The Record For The Most Kills In One Movie.

shogun assassin

Lone Wolf and Cub tells the story of Ogami Itto, a Shogun’s executioner who sought revenge for the death of the people he loved. He was a master swordsman and cut down more than 100 enemies during the film’s conflict. His overall kill count exceeds 500. 

7. Frank Castle’s live-action versions helped keep his comic-book legacy alive. 

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

The gunfights and melees between Frank and his victims killed 380 people. In Daredevil Season 2 and his two-part Netflix show, Bernthal’s Punisher has killed 223 people during his appearances.

8. Although John Wick may be the youngest franchise here, his body count left a mark in the action genre. 

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

The long-retired infamous hitman resurfaced and killed 299 people over three intricately choreographed films to avenge his dog. As soon as his subsequent two sequels are released, his kill count will double.

9. Blade is responsible for the Vampire Genocide in The Blade Trilogy. 

Screen Shot 2018 12 19 at 14.44.19

Throughout three movies, the Daywalker slaughtered 172 vampires. Blade’s total will increase to 203 if we include his TV series. As Blade’s biggest killing spree, the blood rave is featured in the original Blade movie.

10. Finally, James Braddock’s Missing In Action Trilogy.

braddock missing in action

One of his first movies received a score of 70. Braddock finished the war with 146 kills, only a third as many as Rambo racked up.

So these were the 10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked. 

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