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10 Questions That Loki Series Must Answer

Loki, one of the most beloved fan-favorite characters in the MCU, will soon appear on the Disney+ series called Loki. He is a complex villain who eventually became an antihero. Tom Hiddleston‘s portrayal of Loki made him a beguiling, appealing, magnificently sarcastic, and an unpredictable character.

Fans are hyped for the show, but there are many questions not only about Loki but about the MCU that the show must answer. Questions about his past, his role in the show, how is it associated with Dr. Strange 2, etc are the most common ones that the fans are expecting answers of.

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Note: Some facts in this article are based on rumors which are not confirmed and are just assumptions.

1) Where Did Loki Go?

Most fans want to know where did he go immediately after escaping from New York and what has he done since then that has got him in trouble with the Time Variance Authority?

We might get to witness the events between Loki’s escape in Avenger: Endgame and his capture by the TVA through flashbacks or by having Loki return to places where he exactly messed things up.

Maybe starting off the series with a recap or something would provide viewers with plenty of context and answer many questions.

2) What Role Does The Time Variance Authority Play?

We know that TVA will play a key role in the Loki series, but no one knows to what extent we will see their involvement. In the trailer, it appears that TVA has recruited Loki in an effort to fix the many-branched timelines that he has created and messed up.

Many comic fans know already about the TVA, but the question that remains is that what exactly the TVA does and what role they could play in the future of the MCU.

3) How Many Lokis Will Fans See?

It is heavily rumored that multiple versions of Loki (not only original Loki variants but also King Loki, Kid Loki, and even Lady Loki) are set to appear. Although it also appears to follow the story of the Loki that managed to escape custody during the time heist.

Fans can probably expect to see Kid Loki as a Young Avengers movie is in the works. Also, multiple versions of Loki can help in setting the stage for future movies.

4) Which Historical Events Will Loki Be Involved In?

If you watch the trailer carefully, you will notice that in multiple shots of Loki in certain situations appears to be real-world events that have happened recently and in the ancient past, like at one point, Loki appears to be involved in the D.B. Cooper scandal and he also appears in Pompeii, presumably during the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

However, this could be Marvel trying to mislead fans intentionally to keep things a secret for as long as possible.

5) Who Exactly Is Mobius M. Mobius?

It has been confirmed that Owen Wilson will play the character of Mobius M. Mobius, who is a high-ranking TVA agent, and based on what we have seen in the trailer, he seems to be Loki’s main point of contact in the series.

Fans are unsure of what to expect from this character. His attitude seems to portray him as an ally (but let’s not forget that Marvel has done a good job of making villains likable in the past). Fans are curious to know what exactly is his role and how he will be a part of the future MCU movies.

6) Will Loki Introduce The Next Big Bad?

Many rumors of cameos are circulating on the internet ever since it was announced that we will witness time travel in the series. Some believe Marvel will use this series to introduce one of the next major villains of the MCU’s future, while some are even talking about Thanos’s reappearance.

Fans are also assuming that Kang the Conqueror (who will be making a confirmed appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania) will be informally introduced in Loki.

There are also speculations about the introduction of Nightmare, a ruler of an entirely different dimension and a classic Dr. Strange villain. This would potentially help tie Loki into Dr. Strange 2.

7) Which MCU Characters (If Any) Will Make An Appearance?

Will any MCU superheroes make an appearance in the show? So far, the trailer has done a great job in hiding any potentially huge cameos but well, multiple heroes in the MCU are rumored to appear in the upcoming series.

Many fans are expecting Thor to appear or even some of the dead Avengers such as Tony or Natasha to make a small appearance. On top of that, Loki may even come face to face with a Dr. Stephen Strange.

8) How Does It Tie Into Dr. Strange 2?

Kevin Feige has confirmed that Loki will tie directly into the events of the Dr. Strange sequel but the answer to “how?” remains a mystery. Many are assuming that Loki’s journey through different timelines and potentially different dimensions may cause cosmic disturbance, which is enough to get the attention of Dr. Strange.

Fans are also looking at this from a different perspective where Dr. Strange actually teams up with Loki rather than be his enemy, as they both are clever and their combination might even give us some hilarious scenes.

9) Did Loki Really Die In Endgame?

Fans are still wondering if Loki really died in Avengers: Endgame, this question makes sense as Loki is a master of deception and has already cheated death on more than one occasion. Many fan theories state that Loki will go back in time to replace the version of him that is killed with a believable hologram or somehow prevent his death entirely.

Many fans have accepted the fate of Loki in the main timeline but it would be great for Marvel to revisit this scene as it will simply provide closure for some die-hard Loki fans.

10) Is Loki Returning To The Main Timeline?

Many fans want to know if Loki will be returning to the main timeline to reconnect and interact with some of the heroes he left behind. We can assume that he will return to the main timeline as Loki‘s connection with Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been confirmed.

Also, we will get to see a second season of this series, so we can assume that Loki may return to the main timeline only temporarily to help Dr. Strange and then continue to jump across timelines.


What else do you think the Loki series must answer? Let us know about it in the comment section below!


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Written by Farhan Asif

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