10 Quotes From Todd Phillip’s Joker That Reminds Us About The Harsh Reality Of Today’s World

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Todd Phillips along with Joaquin Phoenix turned the story of a mentally unstable loner and failed comedian Arthur Fleck, who picks violence to find calmness in his life, into a blockbuster.


The Warner Bros. project has become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time and has crossed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. In fact, the impact is deep as it has sparked conversation around mental health.

Joaquin is mesmerizing and puts in a quality of performance that rightfully deserves a mantle alongside the iconic and revered Joker performances of the past. His iteration and portrayal are Oscar-worthy. The imagery he puts forward for the audience is astounding, terrifying, and blatantly moving.


The film is revolved around a man enduring and a city that is disregarding him. The way Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) sees the world is upsetting, yet in addition, gives a captivating understanding into the man. This outcomes in some genuinely extraordinary lines in the film. Here are 10 quotes from Joker that will stay with us until the end of time.

1) “I Hope My Death Makes More Cents Than My Life.”

Arthur’s dream about turning into a professional comedian is a sad one, as his failure at accomplishing that purpose leads him to his much darker one. Nonetheless, it likewise gives a fascinating understanding of his upset brain. Arthur doesn’t appear to comprehend humor like others do, as proven by his “joke journal.”


Among these abnormal scribblings and thoughts, there is one expression he continues getting back to, “I hope my death makes more cents than my life.” It indicates Arthur’s disappointment with his present life yet in addition persuades him he’s intended for something more prominent.

2) “I Haven’t Been Happy One Minute Of My Entire F**King Life”

Regardless of his inward battles, Arthur attempts to be personable. He attempts to make people around him laugh, he giggles at others’ jokes and he endeavors to be wonderful with everybody he meets. Notwithstanding, he later admits to his mom, ” I haven’t been happy one minute of my entire f**king life“. It’s an upsetting insight into the character who attempts to carry happiness to people around him while feeling so awful himself. The film takes a fascinating perspective on individuals who are battling yet told by society that they should smile.


3) “I Used To Think My Life Was A Tragedy…”

The awfulness of Arthur’s character is that he genuinely wants to carry delight and chuckling to the world, but it’s simply that the world doesn’t need it from him. He attempts to keep up this blissful standpoint even with his life as troublesome as it could be. However, when things keep on heaping upon him, it gets an excessive amount to hold up under.

At the point when Arthur visits his mom in the clinic in the wake of getting some answers concerning how he was mishandled as a youngster, he embraces another standpoint. He says “I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a f**king comedy.”


4) “Your Name’s Arthur, Right?”

Despite the fact that nothing else is by all accounts going right in his life, Arthur meets somebody. His agreeable neighbor, Sophie, played by Zazie Beetz, fancies Arthur and starts dating him even as he spirals deeper into madness and violence. In any case, we realized it planned to end gravely.

When Arthur lets himself into Sophie’s apartment, she is startled to find him in her living room. She tells him he’s in the wrong apartment before asking “Your name’s Arthur, right?”. Much the same as that, we understand the one glad relationship in Arthur’s life was all in his mind.


5) “Isn’t It Beautiful?”

Arthur is a much different kind of villain. While Joker in the comics is an anarchist character who masterminds all kinds of devious plots, Arthur is lost and alone, but he manages to accidentally inspire people through his own violent actions.

It is Batman‘s very own upsetting inversion mission to turn into an image for the individuals of Gotham. Arthur turned into that image and drove them on a way of brutality and annihilation. After being arrested, Arthur sees the chaos he’s inspired and says “Isn’t it beautiful?”. The villain truly won.


6) “The Worst Part Of Having A Mental Illness…”

Arthur experiences extreme psychological sickness however we see little compassion toward his condition. This identifies with his inclination about being disregarded. One significant and unfortunate passage in his journal reads, “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”

7) “All I Have Are Negative Thoughts.”


The film raises the upsetting thought that a villain like Joker may never have been made if people had just listened. Arthur realizes he is debilitated and he needs assistance, however the world’s lack of engagement in him and his battle causes his descending winding.

When Arthur met his social worker, he criticized her for asking the same questions and not actually caring about the answers. His cry for help once again falls on deaf ears. It is a heartbreaking and frightening line delivered perfectly by Phoenix.

8) “You Wouldn’t Get It.”



As we progress further in the movie, the movie portrays the harsh reality of today’s world. After Arthur is commended on the roads during the riots, the film cuts to him in authority in Arkham Asylum. As he giggles, the doctor inquires as to whether he might want to share the joke. He just reacts, “You wouldn’t get it,” which leaves an uneasy question of what is going on in his head.

9) “Can You Introduce Me As Joker?”


Rather than the name Joker referring to the character’s comedian nature, it is recontextualized as somebody who is peered downward on and dismissed adopting the insult bestowed upon him. And given what comes next, it is a hint at Arthur’s dark revenge against Murray for the way he ridiculed Arthur.

On Murray Franklin’s show, he asks to be introduced as Joker, finally adopting the title.

10) “You Get What You F**King Deserve!”


Arthur on his big debut on Murray Franklin’s show, admits to killing the men on the subway, Arthur then criticizes Murray and others for how they treat people like him. He then ends with a final joke, “What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? You get what you f**kin’ deserve!” He then murders Murray on live television in the movie’s most shocking moment.


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