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New Joker To Be Main Villain of The Batman Trilogy

New Joker To Be Main Villain of The Batman Trilogy

Even though Matt Reeves’ The Batman has had to stop production because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is due to kick back into gear next month. Fortunately, we already have a few snippets of information regarding the movie. We know the movie will emphasize Batman’s detective abilities. We know the Batmobile gets to see some action. And we know it will feature an array of villains from Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery. But now, we have also learned that Batman’s arch nemesis – the Joker – will reportedly play a huge role in the supposed trilogy.

Another Joker?

Heath Ledger played the Joker against Christian Bale’s Batman in 2008. Jared Leto terrorized the Suicide Squad back in 2016. And, only last year, Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for his thrilling performance of the character.

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However, it’s only logical that none of these iterations will be the one to take on Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Reeves’ intention is for his trilogy to be independent of the rest of the DCEU and its other standalone entries. So, it looks like we’re getting another Joker.

The Trilogy

Now, how exactly the Joker will be introduced into the franchise is pure speculation. The Batman already seems to have a ton of villains and adding the Joker into the mix might be asking for trouble. However, there’s no reason his character can’t be teased or talked about in the movie. He may even appear in a post-credits sequence.

Potentially, the Joker might be pulling the strings in the first movie, too. His reveal could come in the second part and an epic showdown could take place in the third film. Or maybe Reeves wants to wait until the final movie to even reveal the Joker.

The first two movies could be used as a way to hype and build him up before appearing onscreen. It also gives a bit of distance between the more recent versions of the Joker, too.


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Arguably the two best stories we want to see onscreen are The Killing Joke and Death in the Family. Although explored in animated form, neither have been adapted for the big screen. Perhaps the best way to satisfy the fans, is to merge the two stories together.

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If Jason Todd, aka Robin, was to join Batman in the second part, it would make for a perfect lead-in to the third movie. Then, the two characters would be established before the Joker kills Robin at the beginning of the third film.

It would be a great twist for moviegoers and add some serious stakes. Perhaps it would even give us our scariest version of the Joker, yet.

There is a lot that has yet to be confirmed, but the thought of having one of these comic arcs adapted onto the big screen is an exciting prospect. Reeves look set to deliver us a grounded, slightly darker version of The Batman and those stories fit the mold.

Source: The Direct

Written by Oliver Swift

Oliver is a London-based writer who contributes to FandomWire, Animated Times, the Curzon Blog and Ollywood Reviews. His favourite superhero is Hawkeye and his favourite superhero movie is 'The Lego Batman Movie'.


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