10 Reasons the Original Crash Bandicoot Remains Legendary

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Do you remember the original Crash Bandicoot? Here are 10 reasons why this game still remains a legendary Sony Release after 25 years.



Hilarious Story Line

Immerse yourself in the all-too-funny universe of the original Crash Bandicoot! You’ll be running through the jungle as this notorious animal, running into crates and avoiding the carefully hidden death traps in your path. Collect apples, find hidden gem missions, and try saving your in-game love interest. 

Tawna, your bandicoot love interest who you will attempt to save throughout the game.

Revolutionary Gameplay For It’s Time

The original Crash Bandicoot gameplay consists of a simple hybrid between a runner and a platformer, similar to Mario.This was an early attempt at a new game style, and quickly caught on as time progressed. Among other releases, Sony managed to revolutionize games for several years ahead. 

Hard to beat levels and strong bosses make this game enjoyable and difficult to beat.

Iconic Main Characters

You won’t have any trouble remembering Crash, the main character of this fun story. Follow him through obstacles, hidden gem missions, and all sorts of dangers ranging from pinching crabs to massive boulders. Crash remains our orange childhood hero as he spins, jumps, and crashes through the game.


The zany and iconic Crash: the main character during in game action.


Lead Up to Modern Crash Bandicoot Remakes

We’ve seen up to seven remastered releases of Crash Bandicoot in the main series, as well as various racing and platformers. These games undoubtedly became a massive franchise throughout the years and became nothing short of a huge success. You can thank the original Crash Bandicoot for sparking the beginning of this iconic line!

Crash Bandicoot 4: the most recent remastered version of this original franchise.

Gives Us Nostalgia

This game formed many of our childhoods starting in the 1990’s, and into the early 2000’s. This game became a staple of the era and has undeniably given us all wonderful memories of our past. 

Original Crash Bandicoot’s starting screen.

Memorable Soundtrack

If you’ve ever played Crash Bandicoot, you will likely be able to whistle the tune played throughout the game. Is it coming to mind? This game was able to give us an addictive soundtrack that has stayed with us throughout nearly 25 years. Good luck getting it out of your head!

Still Challenging

Players of the original Crash Bandicoot game will tell you to watch out. Known for its adrenaline inducing gameplay, this game will challenge you with quick thinking, fast controller movements, and many difficult hurdles.

Try Crash Bandicoot’s hardest paths and obstacles to get by.

Good Graphics For It’s Time

You might agree that this game’s graphics are nothing compared to the newer releases. However, the graphics are still considered great for it’s time, complete with 3D characters and an interesting, immersive setting. 

Though today’s Crash Bandicoot has significantly better graphics, the original went all the way with brand new 3D characters and settings.

Key Success of Sony’s Future

Crash Bandicoot was a hugely successful release from Sony, despite having a low budget and limited voice actors. As one of the PlayStation 1’s best games, it’s success launched Sony into major accomplishments with its line of consoles and new game concepts.

One of Sony’s most successful releases for the PlayStation 1 console.




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Written by Emily Shadel

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