10 Superheroes Who Suffered Long Term From Their Real Life Injuries

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Fight sequences between superheroes and supervillains are usually very demanding and posses a risk of causing a permanent injury. Many superheroes have suffered this horrific injury and they seem like real life injuries. Let’s see who all sustained with the deathly injuries.


CAPTAIN AMERICA – An inspiring soldier: Captain America is one of the most spectacular and inspiring  Marvel heroes. But, unfortunately, he has suffered mortal injuries more than an average human can. Captain America may have been a super soldier, but his arm got injured, and he also took bullets from a handgun at extremely close range. There was no way he could survive, which led to his death.

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BATMAN- The bravest one: Batman has been listed among the bravest superheroes ever created. He dedicated his life to an endless crusade, a war on all criminals. Batman has suffered many injuries like being stabbed repeatedly, brain damage, tortures and the most brutal one- his broken back. Bane attacked Batman at a weak time and broke his spine.

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SPIDERMAN- Young and strong: Spiderman has fought the deadliest battles ever and also has received many injuries. He fought with powerful foes. One of the most brutal injuries he suffered from repeatedly was his broken ribs. Fortunately, he has a high pain tolerance.

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NIGHTWING: Batman mentored Nightwing, and everything he knew was because of Batman. He learnt from his mentor and grew beyond him. Nightwing is strong, fast, and as durable as an Olympic athlete. Unfortunately, K. G. Beast  shot him in the head, which made him suffer from amnesia, brain trauma, and memory loss. It resulted in the development of a new personality, Ric Grayson.

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BATGIRL: Batgirl is known to be bold and brave. She is a fun-loving, spunky superheroine. Unfortunately, Joker shot Barbara Gordon in the stomach when she answered the door to her father’s apartment. This made her suffer from paralysis from the waist down and ended her career as Batgirl. However, fans loved her more as Oracle later.

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SUPERMAN- Man of Steel: Superman, the superhero known as Man Of Steel, also died due to an injury, which is hard to believe. Doomsday injured Superman. Superman had unbelievable power but it was not enough to win against Doomsday. His final punch on probably broke Superman’s neck or stopped the nerve functions and resulted in Superman’s death.

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ROY HARPER: Roy William Harper is a street-savvy young man. He was an archer and losing his arm in Justice League: Cry for Justice was deeply saddening. Roy was operating as a Red arrow when Prometheus cut off his arm. He was mentally unstable after losing his hand and his daughter.

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ELEKTRA- The toughest one: Elektra Natchios is a trained assassin under a stick to join the Chaste. She is one of the most formidable heroes in Marvel universe. But she couldn’t sustain in front of the deadliest foe Bullseye, beating the well-trained Elektra very easily. Bullseye stabbed her using sai (Elektra’s weapon) in the abdomen, which was a terrible way to die.

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CYCLOPS- Cyclops died a hero’s death. His optic blasts are pernicious, but he can’t control them, which resulted in an injury when he was young. When Cyclops and Havok were thrown out of a crashing plane and Cyclops landed head first. The head injury was brutal and gave him repercussions but he survived.

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BART ALLEN: Bart Allen joined the Teen Titans and flew high, but Deathstroke brought him back to the ground by shooting on his knee. It was the worst injury Bart Allen suffered in his entire life.

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