10 Times Batman Went Past His Physical Limits To Show He Is Truly Superhuman

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Batman is seen as a Man who does not rely on super powers but sheer skill and the human element to stand as an equal among the Gods that form the Justice League. The guy has taken out Superman for God’s sake. And he literally has no superpowers. Or does he? There were times when Batman did reveal that what he does just might be super human.


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No Need for Sleep


Batman has mastered the art of REM Sleep and has compressed the normal eight hours of sleep required by a regular human being into three hours of deep sleep. Batman also practices the art of micro sleeping where he dozes off for a few minutes when nobody’s looking. Batman can keep on doing this for days. A normal human being would have gone insane but not Batman.

Indomitable Will Power

At first glance, this might sound normal. But when it comes to Batman, nothing ever is. Batman has survived inhuman amount of torture and physical pain. He has developed a resistance to telepathy and psychic possession. He has enough will power to operate a Green Lantern Ring and bypass its security protocols (a feat that was thought to be impossible). It is all thanks to his incredibly formidable will power.


The Thogal Ritual

The Thogal Ritual is a highly dangerous meditation technique created by the Tibetan Monks. It is a 49 Day process where Batman is exposed to a simulation of his death over and over again until he attains the right to rebirth. The ritual is almost impossible to complete and only a select few have ever had the balls to even try it. Batman was able to not just endure the Thogal Ritual but also pass it with flying colors. The outcome of the ritual is total control over one’s fear and psyche since death can no longer scare you.

Dodging Bullets


One of the most consistent of all the abilities Batman has shown over the years is his skill to dodge bullets and high velocity projectiles even at point blank ranges. Deadshot is the greatest marksman in the DC Universe and he has never been able to get a hit on Batman. The ability to evade that kind of gunfire requires superhuman reflexes and agility that can’t be found in an ordinary human being.

Immunity to Poison

Well what do you expect when you regularly fight villains like the Joker, Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, and Poison Ivy? Batman has been repeatedly exposed to all kinds of poisons and as a result, has gained total immunity to them. His body has anti-bodies to literally any known poison. When Scarecrow released a modified version of the Fear Toxin in Gotham City, Batman used the Bat Plane to spray vials of his own Poison Immune Blood to grant the people of Gotham immunity against it.


Martial Arts God

This is where Batman really scores. There are only a handful of fighters that can fight Batman to a stalemate. There are even fewer among them that even have a remote chance of winning a fight against Batman if he gets serious. The reason is simple – Batman knows not a few martial art techniques. He knows a whopping 127 Martial Art Styles. Bruce has created his own unique and nigh unpredictable style of fighting by combining each technique in his arsenal. His greatest asset is Dim Mak, an ancient martial art style where Batman targets an opponent’s vital points, leading to intense pain and even death. Batman has used it to subdue super humans as well.

Chi Manipulation


When Bruce Wayne went on a journey throughout the world to learn his true purpose before he became the Dark Knight, one of his many travels took him to the hinterlands of the Orient. Under the tutelage of the Chinese Dao Monks, Batman learned the art of Chi Sensing and Manipulation. Batman can literally sense his opponents Chi from a distance. This gives him a sixth sense that can never be fooled. He can also manipulate the Chi inside his own body, allowing him to heal faster and become stronger than others.

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Genius Level Intellect


Everybody knows Batman is gifted with the power of deduction. But he is not just the world’s greatest detective. He is also a genius in other fields of science like mathematics, biology, chemistry, nuclear physics, computer science, geography, history, and psychology. He was a polymath at the age of 21. Batman is also one of the world’s foremost computer hackers, second only to Barbara Gordon in that department. He is also a multi-lingual, knowing more than three dozen foreign languages. And if that was not enough he also knows several dead languages as well as lip reading.

Knows Magic

Batman hates magic. He believes that magic is just science that has not been understood properly yet. But for all his genius level intelligence, Batman still finds magic to be beyond his reach of mind. But many villains in Gotham City do practices magic. In order to not be caught with his pants down, Batman has counters in place to fight his arcane foes. Zatanna has taught Batman several magical counter spells to fight magic with magic. Batman does not use them but the fact that he knows magic pushes him to the realm of superhuman territory.


Stealth Expertise

Batman trained under the greatest of the greats – the League of Assassins, to learn the ancient art of Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu was once used by the Ninja Assassins of Ancient Japan to stealthily infiltrate high security installations and steal information or kill high value targets. Batman is considered by the League to be the greatest Ninjutsu user. His ability to stick to the shadows to go undetected even by machine scanners is unlike anything the world has ever seen. He goes almost invisible when he sticks to the shadows.


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