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10 Times Batman Outwitted (And Utterly Humiliated) His Enemies!

Batman is a man of many talents. While the other heroes have their super powers, Batman believes in the concept of Mind over Matter. These are some instances where he has proven himself a God.

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Batman: Hush is a story arc that does not actually receive a lot of love even though it deserves it. This arc has a sub plot where Superman is kissed by Poison Ivy and is thus mind controlled by her. Superman now attacks Batman and Cat Woman. Luckily Batman with his quick thinking comes up with a solution. He instructs Cat Woman to throw Lois Lane off a high rise building. This breaks Ivy’s mental conditioning on Superman, who snaps back to reality.

The Devastator

The Dark Multi Verse is a mysterious dimension. It lies outside the Normal Universe. In one of the many universes in the dark dimension, Superman went rogue and killed off every hero and villain. No one could stop him. The last remaining hero was Batman, who could not even believe that his best friend could do all this. But Batman had a plan – a fail-safe (surprise surprise). He had studied Doomsday’s body and created a virus that could turn him into one. Batman became Doomsday, killed Superman, and then decided to spread the virus all over the Earth, turning everyone into Doomsday.

Batman kills Darkseid

Up until today, the only human or a sentient being for that matter that has truly made Darkseid, the God of Evil of the DC Universe cowering and running away in fear is the Batman. Bruce Wayne was not taken seriously by Darkseid. As a matter of fact, Batman uses the element of being underestimated to his greatest advantage. Batman does not kill but he was forced to do so when Darkseid threatened Earth. The only known substance that can kill a New God is Radion. Batman shot Darkseid with a Radion bullet and him-self died in the process. Darkseid for that matter had Batman as the last person in mind that could stop him. He thought if anybody actually could, that would be Clark Kent aka Superman.

The Justice Buster Armor

When the entire Justice League is affected by a modified version of the Joker Toxin, it is up to Batman to save the day. Batman suits up into his Justice Buster armor, an exoskeleton that was specifically designed to stop the Justice League. It has miniaturized red suns for knuckles, ancient Greek supernatural weaponry, super-fast servers and electromagnetic nerve trees for a sensor array. The suit’s very existence is a threat to the Justice League.

Elderly Batman Beats Superman to Pulp

Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is a very popular comic book series. It tells the story of a time when Batman has grown old (yes, he has no contingency against time sadly) and America has become somewhat of a police state. Superman is a government stooge who is sent to stop Batman. With careful planning and execution, Batman, even when in his golden years, takes down the Man of Steel like a twig.

Tower of Babel

In the critically acclaimed Tower of Babel, we see that Batman has a contingency for just about everyone. That includes his very team mates. Superman, Martian Manhunter, the flash, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern, Aquaman – Batman has plans to take down all of his Justice League allies should they ever go rogue. Ra’s Al Ghul steals those plans and makes the entire Justice League cry like a baby.

Batman vs. KGBeast

In 1989, DC Comics published Batman #420. That issue showed us a very bitter side of Batman. The KGBeast was a Russian Assassin who had challenged Batman to a fight. He provoked him to come after him into the sewers where both could test out their skills in combat. Batman just stood near the door till KGBeast went deep into the dark and shut it. Batman literally left the KGBeast to starve and die in the sewers with nowhere to run.

Batman takes down Entire White Martian Army

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash – they are some of the strongest superheroes of the DC Universe. They are also Earth’s last line of defense against alien invasions. So when the White Martians planned to attack Earth, they focused all their energies on these heroes but overlooked Batman because they felt that he is merely a human. That was their biggest mistake. After they attacked the Bat Plane, Batman managed to escape and the White Martians never cared to pursue him. Batman had figured out by then that the White Martians’ weakness is fire. Using the first greatest discovery of mankind, Batman took down the entire White Martian Invasion Force.

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Batman ‘Kills’ Lord Death Man

Lord Death Man was a secondary villain that has not appeared too many times in the comic books. He has a rather peculiar ability. The guy cannot die. Whenever he is on the verge of death, Lord Death Man will enter a trance like state and resurrect himself. How does one stop an enemy that can always come back no matter how many times you kill him? The answer to that for Batman is – a Rocket! Batman straps Lord Death Man to a rocket and sends him into deep space. There the guy will spend all eternity, floating in the cold vacuum of the final frontier.

Batman: Dawn Breaker

In Dark Knights Metal, we see a very dark version of Batman form an alternate universe from the Dark Multi Verse. In that Universe, Batman was given the Green Lantern Ring. Batman has indomitable will power so he was deemed worthy by the Power Ring. The Power Ring came with some protocols that ensured no Green Lantern could ever misuse the most powerful weapon in the universe. Batman not only broke those protocols with his will but also outsmarted the entire Green Lantern Corps that had come to stop this rogue Lantern.


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