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First Look At Godzilla vs Kong Fight & New Logo Revealed

First Look At Godzilla vs Kong Fight & New Logo Revealed

We finally have a brand new look at Godzilla vs Kong in the form of Playmates toys. Thanks to some tweets by Kaiju News Outlet, we get to see several of those upcoming toys showing the Godzilla and King Kong versions we’ll see in the upcoming film, as well as the movie’s new logo.

It appears Kong will be in his “final form” in Godzilla vs Kong compared to the younger and smaller version we saw last time in Kong: Skull Island. Playmates’ packaging art shows both giant monsters around the same height.

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Per the action figures, it seems Kong will be wielding a battle-axe that appears to be made out of one of the plates on Godzilla’s back.

Check out the new logo for Godzilla vs Kong below:

Check out the Godzilla vs Kong fight art and toys below:

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Source: Kaiju News Outlet

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