10 Underrated Keanu Reeves Movies To Watch If You’re A True Fan


Keanu Reeves is currently the internet’s sweet heart. He is a good man with a heart of gold. And that is why he has a very loyal fan following. If you are a true Keanu Reeves fan, you would want to take a look at this list.

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keanu hardball


Hardball has a pretty impressive cast. Apart from Keanu Reeves it has Diane Lane, Michael B Jordan and Julian Griffith in top supporting roles. It is a wonder why this movie slipped everyone’s attention because Hardball is a true family entertainer. Conor O’Neil is knee deep in debt. The loan shark agrees to forgive the debt if Connor strikes a deal with him. The deal involves coaching a Little League baseball team. The catch is that the team sucks at the game. Conor intends to win the championship.

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The Watcher

keanu the watcher

Keanu Reeves plays a soft-mouthed serial killer in this one. If that does not intrigue you, maybe the story will. Keanu plays David, a serial killer so intelligent and elusive that the greatest cop in the city could not catch him. As a result, the cop relocates to another city, having given up on his search for the killer. But David is not done. He likes the cat and mouse game. So he keeps sending the now retired cop graphic hints of his latest victims, forcing him to restart the hunt.


Henry’s Crime

keanu henrys crime

What would you do if you were sent to jail for a crime you did not commit? Well if you ask Keanu Reeves, the answer is pretty simple – since you have done the time, why not do it for real?? Henry was sent to jail after falsely being accused of robbing as bank. He then conspires with his career criminal cell mate played by James Caan to rob a bank for real. Things generally go south in heist movies and it certainly does in this one too. There are some really hilarious moments as well.




Exposed was a pretty controversial movie when it was released four years ago. The Director was so distraught with how the studio had meddled within his creative leg space that he him-self disavowed it. Exposed tells the story of a cop (Keanu Reeves of course), who is investigating the mysterious death of his partner. While finding out eerie facts around his partner’s death, Reeves encounters incriminating evidence insinuating the entire police force in rampart corruption. Oh and there is a girl who is mysteriously linked to everything. The movie banks heavily on symbolism so expect things like angels, demons, and ghosts.


Destination Wedding

keanu destination wedding

Keanu Reeves plays Frank and Winona Ryder plays Lindsay, the two lead actors in this movie. Frank and Lindsay meet while both are on their way to a Destination Wedding. The duo realizes they have a lot in common in terms of the things they hate. The hate the bride, the groom, the people, and even their own lives! The movie helps us realize that when it comes to love, even a long argument with your ‘The One’ is enough to make Cupid hit you in the butt.


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My Own Private Idaho

keanu private idaho


Mike Waters is a gay hustler. Scott Favor is the son of a Mayor. Keanu Reeves plays the latter while River phoenix plays the former. The movie is supposed to be a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry IV so dig in if you feel like watching a classic. Mike and Scott travel to Idaho to find Mike’s estranged mother. On the way, they make enemies with a wealthy businessman with a dark secret.

Little Buddha

keanu little buddha


Little Buddha is a story about self-realization. Keanu Reeves plays the character of Dean, the father to a young boy named Jesse and husband to Lisa (played by Bridget Fonda). One day, a Buddhist Monk from Bhutan visiting North America meets Jesse and tells that he might be the reincarnation of his spiritual leader Lama Dorje. Dean laughs it off but eventually agrees to travel to Bhutan with Jesse after having a spiritual encounter of his own. There they realize that there are two other potential candidates that might also be the reincarnation of Lama Dorje.

Knock Knock

keanu knock knock


It is not common for Keanu Reeves to involve himself in erotic thrillers. Knock Knock is probably the only time he did something this intense and specific. Evan is a family man. In fact, he is the ideal family man. He is a dedicated father and a good husband. One night when he is alone, two young women visit him, claiming they are lost and stranded. Evan takes them in for the night as a gesture of hospitality and kindness. Things take a dark turn when both the women manage to seduce him.

Permanent Record

keanu permanent record


This 1988 Drama was one of the reasons Keanu Reeves was pushed to the role of frontier cinema after playing lead in low value productions for so long. David Sinclair is a bright student who has the weight of a million expectations on his shoulders. Not ebing able to cope up with the pressure, David commits suicide. Keanu Reeves plays Chris, David’s best friend who is left to deal with David’s death. As a final act of remembrance and gratitude, Chris decides to finish up all of David’s pending projects, including a high school musical production. But things like that are easier said than done.

The Gift

keanu the gift
THE GIFT, Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves, 2000. ©Paramount Classics

Sam Raimi is the Director of this movie. He has been called many times by the critics to be a master of suspense and horror. The Gift proves why. The movie follows the story of a woman named Jessica King who has gone missing. Another woman named Annabelle Wilson claims to possess psychic abilities. She frantically searches for the body of the missing woman! The Police have given up. Annabelle slowly comes to the realization that the townspeople might have had to do something with Jessica’s disappearance.


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