10 Times Celebrities Fought Deadly Situations And Survived

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Dangers and challenges manage to creep into famous and powerful people’s lives despite the wealth, bodyguards, and high-quality living. Some celebs have faced situations that could have been fatal even for Captain America. In the end, they emerged as real-life heroes who refuse to be knocked down that easily. The following celebrities fought deadly situations and survived them with patience, optimism, and bravery. Let’s take a look at their incredibly challenging experiences.


Leonardo DiCaprio

If the hardworking Oscar winner seems like a fearless person, then you are probably right. Leonardo Di Caprio is not just a hard man on the screen but he is quite fierce even in his personal life. Leonardo was feeding fish to a shark from a protected cage when a wave suddenly pushed half the predator’s head into his cage. It snapped about five times at the actor with its piercing and pointy jaws. But Leonardo made a smart call on the spot by laying flat on the floor.


Mark Ruffalo

The MCU star, widely loved for portraying the Hulk, had fought death in real life as well. He was detected with a tumour and had to undergo immediate surgery. The necessary operation came with a set of agonizing risks. It carried a high chance of damaging Mark Ruffalo’s facial and auditory nerves. Regardless, the surgery was successfully conducted. But it kept Mark out of work for several months as he was recovering from the damaged nerves.

Gerard Butler


“Chasing Mavericks” was a sports drama that revolved around a surfer’s dream to ride one of the biggest waves. It wasn’t just a fictional challenge but also stood as a real-life risk for the cast. While surfing during one of the scenes, a powerful wave hit Gerard Butler and tore the leash that was tying him to the surfboard. The actor narrowly escaped drowning and was carried to a medical centre.

Ryan Reynolds

Even before the unfortunate sky-diving of the X-Force in “Deadpool 2”, Ryan Reynolds had a near-death experience with the sport. Ryan was applying for a license in skydiving and had made multiple successful jumps until the 13th one. The actor was plummeting to the ground at a great speed as his parachute failed to open. Thankfully, the reserve pulls saved him right on time.


Emilia Clarke

It was impossible to believe that Emilia was fighting a battle in real life when we watched her flawless performance in “Game of Thrones”. After finishing her shoot in 2011, the actress was diagnosed with the first of her two brain aneurysms. In this, the blood vessel in the brain grows a bulge or balloon that leads to a brain hemorrhage. It is a fatal stroke that kills about one-third of the patients. In case one survives, he/she has to undergo immediate surgery which comes with no guarantee.Emilia was just 24-years old and at the peak of her career when she was compelled to sign for brain surgery.

Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood was a hero on the screen as well as on the field during the Korean War in 1951. He served in the army as a swim instructor. Once he was flying during his service when his plane crashed on Point Reyes. Clint and his pilot had no option but to swim through the waters full of sharks.

Drew Barrymore

Actors, directors, and stuntmen are no stranger to accidents on the sets. But no one expected the filming of the comedy “Santa Clarita Diet” would take such a dark turn. Drew’s character was on her way to jump on a man’s back when she accidentally slipped and hit the concrete ground. She received severe head injuries and was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.


Ellie Goulding

Even singer Ellie Goulding made it out of a dangerous situation in the 11th hour. She was driving her car in Norway when it crashed into a frozen lake and began to sink. Had she been a few moments late, the singer would have drowned in that icy cold water.

Miles Teller


The young actor from “Whiplash” narrowly escaped death when his friend lost control of the car they were in. It was rashly driven off the road and then flipped over eight times. Miles was later found lying several feet away from the car, soaking in blood. It took about three to four years to remove some scars from his face. In fact, he still has two pieces of gravel on his face since removing them would have led to more scars.

James Doohan

It is inspiring to see the onscreen actors emerging as heroes in reality as well. James Doohan is best remembered for his performance in “Star Trek” as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. The actor served some of his years in the army during World War II. He endured many gun injuries and also lost a finger during the same battle. Once, a bullet would have hit right through his heart had it not been for a cigar case in his chest pocket.




Written by Ipshita Barua

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