10 Times Celebrities Hopelessly Ridiculed MCU & Why They Are Wrong

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MCU has reshaped the film industry since its conception. However, it has had mixed reactions from the industry and the fans. Some of the actors and filmmakers have been particularly harsh in their criticism. Some have criticized the quality of acting and stories, whereas others have commented on typecasting and longtime commitments. But are their complaints even viable?



1. Rose McGowan Feels MCU movies lack intricacy and depth: She believes that superhero stories lack story and character development, complexity, and freedom of thought. She also thinks the caliber is lazy and filmmaking is average. The viewpoint is a valid one. But equally important is the fact that MCU has vastly improved in most of these aspects over time.

Rose McGowan: No MCU

2. Tim Burton and a Happy Superhero: Tim Burton feels superhero movies are grim and tormenting. He thinks the MCU should reinvent itself. It seems he is disenchanted after directing Bat-Man and Bat-Man Returns. However, MCU is already reinventing itself and has come a long way.

Tim Burton

3. John Hamm thinks Superhero movies need too much commitment: And let’s admit, he’s not wrong. He feels doing the same thing for a decade would be too much. While that is true, he could do other projects and still be a part of MCU like Chris Hemsworth.

Jon Hamm: No MCU

4. Luc Besson is against MCU’s American propaganda: Luc Besson feels the Marvel movies are getting more complicated every year. He also thinks that they are propaganda for the American Government, particularly Captain America. But the character has changed a lot since his conception.

Luc Besson

5. Roland Emmerich hates capes and suits: The Independence Day director dislikes the capes and suits that the superheroes have to wear. He finds them silly. There is nothing wrong with the suits, especially if they are loaded with hidden weapons!

Roland Emmerich : No MCU

6. Tom Cruise said the Script for Iron-Man was weak: According to a rumor, Tom Cruise was supposed to play Iron-Man instead of Robert Downey Jr. He found the script too weak and so, turned down the movie. As the first movie by MCU, it lacked depth and had too many loose ends to form the basis of plots for future films.

Tom Cruise - No MCU

7. Emily Blunt doesn’t want to be a superhero: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the number one fan-cast for Reed Richards and Sue Storm. But the actress wants no part of it as she feels the genre has exhausted itself. MCU and its superheroes have dominated the movie scene, but there’s also quality work being done elsewhere. So there’s enough to break the monotony and make the viewer come back for more superheroes.

Emily Blunt

8. Jason Statham feels the movies are too easy: He disagrees with the actors not performing their stunts on screen and playing it safe. But why should they? The actor doesn’t need to take the risk. Trained professionals can do the same job safely.

Jason Statham , No MCU

9. John McTiernan criticized Captain America: The Die Hard Director feels Captain America normalizes hyper-masculinity and nationalism. Anyone following the MCU will strongly disagree with the statement. Captain America has gone from working for the government in Captain America: The First Avenger to opposing the government in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

 John McTiernan

10. Martin Scorcese feels MCU movies are not cinema: Scorcese has brutally criticized MCU. Scorcese feels that MCU films do not convey human nature and that can not be cinema. But there is no definition of cinema, not even if it is from an acclaimed director!

Martin Scorsese No MCU





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