10 Times Companies Picked The Wrong Celebrity To Endorse Their Product

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When a famous person shows up and talks about how awesome a product is, we often tend to it. However, it’s important to pick the right celebrity for the right product. Take a look at 10 brands that picked the wrong celebrity to endorse their product:



1. In 2012, Nivea signed Rihanna to endorse their products. They soon had to drop her for being too sexy for their campaigns. A Nivea ad showed Rihanna nude with her arms crossed over her breasts. Nivea’s parent company thought it was too sexual and asked her to terminate the contract.

2. Kate Moss was once the face of fashion brands like H&M, Chanel, and Burberry. However, the companies were unaware that Moss has been in and out of rehab. When pictures of her snorting cocaine surfaced in 2005, all three clothing brands immediately dropped her.

3. Sharon Stone was once the brand ambassador of Christian Dior. The luxury fashion firm dropped her contract when she blamed China for an earthquake. She was at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival where she called the Dalai Lama a friend and wondered if a recent quake in China was “karma” for Tibet. Even her films got banned in China.

4. Automobile brand Chevrolet used to sponsor the Wendy Williams’ show. Until she commented on Black colleges. “We have historically black colleges,” she said, referring to a recent speech by actor Jesse Williams. I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college.” Williams is black, but that didn’t keep her comments from attracting controversy.

5. All brands and companies dropped Lindsay Lohan when her life imploded with controversies. Not even the unrecognized companies wanted her to endorse their product.

6. Britney Spears’ partnership with Pepsi became a huge event in no time. Her contract didn’t last more than a year. The year 2002 was in general too disastrous for Spears. Her film bombed at the box office, her restaurant failed to do business, she split with Justin Timberlake, and she was spotted drinking Coca-Cola repeatedly. In 2018, Pepsi joined hands with her again.

7. Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard was the face of many companies. However, she lost most of her sponsors after suffering a concussion. Global brands like Colgate and Aviva used to sponsor her before her accident in 2014 where she slipped in the locker room and hit her head. Her rankings descended over the next year so her sponsors also turned tail.

8. Akon shared a profitable relationship with Verizon. Until he got into the headlines with an underage girl. According to reports, during a show in Trinidad, Akon pulled a fan on stage and simulated sex with her. The fan turned out to be 15 years old and a minister’s daughter. That was controversial enough for Verizon to drop Akon and end a $2 million deal.

9. Maria Sharapova lost multiple sponsorships for taking drugs. She didn’t even know she was doing it. She faced a temporary ban from tennis in 2016 for using performance-enhancing drugs. This drug had been banned very recently and Sharapova had been taking it for health reasons under a different name.

10. Jim Beam whiskey signed Mila Kunis as their brand ambassador in 2017. The deal wasn’t met very well with people. Many boycotted the brand over Mila’s past actions. On Conan Show once, she claimed that she sent donations to ‘Planned Parenthood’ every month in the name of Vice President Mike Pence. The conservative base of Jim Beam took great offense at this gesture and started to boycott the bourbon whiskey.



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