10 Times DCEU Turned Classic DC Characters Into Hollywood’s Laughing Stock


DC Comics dates back to 1934. The DCEU is only seven years old with a total of eight movies. Obviously there’s a lot of ground to cover. Even still, there are multiple travesties in the DCEU we just can’t ignore.

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Cassandra Cain Can No Longer Fight. She Is A Mean Pickpocket Though

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Cassandra Cain is a legend in the DC Universe. Trained by two of the greatest martial artists of DC – David Cain and Lady Shiva, she also happens to be their daughter. and when we say she is a force to be reckoned with, we are not undermining her skills. Cassandra is so talented in close quarters combat that she can predict her opponents’ moves by reading their muscle movements from a distance. Her skills are on par with batman, higher even. In the movie, she became the victim of a terrible character reveal. The only travesty that was left was turn her into a white woman. Why didn’t they? The DCEU literally changed everything about her.

Green Lantern – Need We Say More?

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We are not even going to explain this too much to you. The 2012 movie was disaster enough. Ryan Reynolds was terrible as Hal Jordan. He did make some quirky jokes. But that’s all he did. His character had no development throughout the movie. Whatever he developed into looked forced. It was like watching a robot play the role of Green Lantern. And to top it off, they left him out of Justice League. It literally said unite The 7. They missed the seventh member for crying out loud.

Lex Luthor Was Turned Into An Eccentric Billionaire with Daddy Issues

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He is the guy who is the arch-nemesis of a God. Superman can pull an entire star system with his bare hands. He still considers Luthor his greatest threat. Luthor is not just a super villain because of his genius level intellect. He is a leader, a master manipulator, and an expert tactician and strategist all rolled into one. With one speech, he could rally an army of villains against Superman. Jesse Eisenberg couldn’t even convince a toddler in BVS.

Jared Leto’s Joker Was A Slap On The Face Of Joker’s Legacy

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Look we get it. Jared Leto is a terrific actor. There’s only a handful of actors who could match his caliber. His Joker portrayal was still mired in controversy. While the actors that came before him to take over the mantle had their own approaches for the role, Jared Leto seems to have reached a different conclusion. His way of portraying the Joker was like playing a rich and insane crime overlord. The Joker is more than that. He is chaos incarnate. Just tattooing the word “Damaged’ does not make you the Clown Prince of Crime. You have to walk the talk.

Jimmy Olsen’s Death Was Killed as Part Of Snyder’s Inside Joke

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It’s legit because Snyder has himself confirmed it. “Hopefully, as they die off, they give us something, they teach us something as they go. And that’s kind of what their role is.” Jimmy Olsen was a cheery, starry eyed Superman supporting character. He was an average joe who was used for comic relief more than often. His identity reveal as a CIA agent and his subsequent death was supposed to be a running gag. Snyder wanted to say from the very beginning that thsi movie is not going to be a rosy ride.

Victor Zsasz Is Not Badass. He Is A Corny Henchman

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Chris Messina wonderfully portrays the role of Black Mask’s Top Dog in Birds of Prey. Fans loved his part until they realized that Messina is supposed to be Victor Zsasz. in the comics, Victor Zsasz is a serial killer. he believes that the people of this world are walking zombies. By killing them, he is liberating them. Zsasz is a fan-favorite character. Anthony Carrigan also portrayed the role in Gotham and fans adored him. Messina was good but they should not have given him Zsasz’s mantle. It didn’t make sense.

Why Was Katana Even There In Suicide Squad

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The Suicide squad movie was a mess. there were so many characters that were never fleshed out enough. Take for example Katana, the last member to join Task Force X. Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot got all the attention because they had star power. Katana has been a part of literally every Outsiders team led by Batman. And she has had a very commendable character development arc in the comics. All she did in Suicide Squad was swing his Katana blindly.

Doomsday Was An Abomination (No Pun Intended)

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Part of the reason why Doomsday was strong enough to beat Superman was his origin story. Scientists came together to create a being immune to death. A sentient being was captured, killed and resurrected over and over again. Every time that being returned to the land of the living, it was immune to the way it died the last time. Doomsday represents torment and torture on a grand, superhuman scale. Making Doomsday just a General Zod clone completely changes his backstory. And that enraged the fans.

Batman Was A Disney Princess In Justice League

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In BVS, he challenged a god. he made him bleed. In Justice League, Batman was just a damsel in distress. The other superheroes made sure his mortality is pointed out every time batman takes the initiative to do something. This was a guy who defeated a Kryptonian monster with a pair of machine guns and a space rock. The same monster that the other heroes could not even defeat with their forces combined. Batman deserved respect. He didn’t get any.

Carrol Ferris was nothing But a Superman Groupie

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In the comics, Carol Ferris is Star Sapphire, a high ranking member of the Star Sapphires. She has been both a superhero and a super villain. But she is a major character in the comic books. Turning her into a military aide whose only lines were saying how hot she thought Superman was? That was cringe extraordinaire. When will the DCEU learn not to diss on legacy DC characters?


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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