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10 Times Disney Presented Serious Topics To Kids And Did A Really Good Job

You can’t just brush off certain Disney films as some silly kids’ movies. Disney in the past has created movies that were intended simply for the younger audiences but have touched on important social topics and have constantly reminded us that there’s so much good that you can find in the world.

Disney is highly accountable for making our childhood an awesome place with really valuable lessons. Take a look at some of their films that reflected world problems thoughtfully and realistically well:

1) Up – Miscarriage and Depression


Up discuses, a highly important topic that has affected many lives. Miscarriage and the depression that follows. When Ellie discovered she was pregnant, she was so overwhelmed that she decorated the entire nursery at home. Later, she learned that she lost the baby.

2) Zootopia – Internalized Racism


Zootopia comes with a sensitive and well-developed message of how segregation, racial profiling, and biological differences between races influence behavior.

3) Inside Out – Depression and Mental Health

8 Hidden Messages That Show a Deep Side of Disney Movies

One of Disney’s finest production Inside Out is a film that deals with the protagonist Riley’s depression and stages through which it progresses. The film tells us that it is okay to not feel happy all the time and accept all the emotions we have.

4) Mulan – Misogyny


Mulan deals with the century-old notion of women being “weak” by default. The film fights the misogyny in society and proves that women can do anything and everything that a man can do.

5) Big Hero 6 – Loss of family

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 isn’t only about relocation. The film centrically deals with the heavy loss of a beloved family member and the grief that follows up with it. It also talks about mental health, abandonment, and the theme of revenge.

6) Beauty And The Beast – Sexual Harassment

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast touch the very sensitive topics of sexual harassment, sexism, social shunning, and male entitlement. Nearly every scene with Gaston and Belle in it shows his ungentlemanly and demeaning attitude toward her.

7) Lilo & Stitch – Child Custody and Loss

8 Hidden Messages That Show a Deep Side of Disney Movies

Beyond aliens and stuff, this narrative of Lilo & Stitch also talks about how 2 orphaned sisters try to overcome the loss of their parents and continue being a family. At a very young age, Lilo faces the trauma of the loss of family and the struggles of child custody.

8) Finding Dory – Mental Impairment

8 Hidden Messages That Show a Deep Side of Disney Movies

The film deals with Dory’s neuroatypical disorder which separates her from the masses. A beautiful message of acceptance to children in regards to those with mental disorders is given in the film.

9) Coco – Betrayal


What Disney movie better than Coco portrays the topic of friendship and betrayal. The scene that teaches the audience about these two themes is the one where Ernesto reveals that he was the one who poisoned Héctor

10) Aladdin – Poverty


If Aladdin wouldn’t have lived in poverty, the entire plot of the movie would never have happened and there would be no need for the film in the first place.

Source: Bored Panda