10 Unbelievable Demands Made By Celebrities While Working


Some celebrities become famous and instantly press their ‘spoilt-brat button’. It’s like they enjoy tormenting others with their bizarre demands. Take a look at 10 unbelievable demands made by celebrities while working

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If you’re hosting an event and calling Drizzy over to perform, remember that it won’t be a very easy day. Drake’s contract for performing is pretty lengthy and full of various conditions. He wants numerous rooms, all lit with incense sticks and candles. He even has his own specified water bottle brands.


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Calling over Metallica to perform will keep your chefs on their toes. The band remains adamant about being served bacon for every meal that they eat from morning to evening.

Mick Jagger

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While serving bacon is still tolerable, the Rolling Stones lead vocalist Mick Jagger ensured that an air-conditioner is provided to him on his 40-yard running track during the Coachella festival.

Lindsay Lohan

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She’s known in showbiz for giving a tough time to producers and directors. Back in 2012 when she was working on an erotic thriller drama, Lindsay commanded the entire crew to strip naked during her nude scenes. At last, even the director was compelled to take his pants down.

Bill Cosby

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Comedian Bill Cosby’s demands on sets are rather eccentric. According to multiple sources, he demanded Entertainment Tonight to always send the same reporter in her orange suit for his interviews.

Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey is known to be quite the diva. During the time when she made a cameo in The House, she demanded her vanity to be filled with white roses and white lamb soft-toys. Once for a British morning show, she requested her dressing room to be filled with white labrador puppies.

Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone can really throw tantrums. While filming an Italian movie called “Un ragazzo d’oro”, her set was surrounded by paparazzi. Out of anger, she walked straight out of the set and locked herself inside her car. She then called her manager back in the US who conveyed her message to the director’s brother that she would only return on the set if all the paparazzi leave.

Daniel Day-Lewis

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Daniel Day-Lewis is a man of strict principles. The three-time Academy Award winner was shooting for Lincoln where he overheard people talking in a British accent. He asked all the British crew members to stop speaking in their accent on the set because it would shake his accent of the former US President.


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Prince made a cameo on the American sitcom “New Girl” in 2014. However, he made the appearance on a very strict condition. He urged the makers of the show to remove all the scenes with Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner when he would feature.


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Our top pick for the list has to be Beyonce. The Single Ladies pop icon clearly refuses to enter her dressing room until the temperature inside is exactly 78 degrees. She won’t step in even if it’s a degree above or less.



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