10 Unpopular Opinions About Jason Momoa In Dune

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After the release of the much-awaited movie, Dune,  fans were left confused and underwhelmed. Even though, many of them appreciated Jason Mamoa’s interpretation of the House Atreides protector, some were unsatisfied. The opinions on his performance are quite unpopular. Here are some of them.


10. Many of the fans felt that Mimosa couldn’t do justice to his role. Despite being famous, some thought he shouldn’t play Duncan Idaho in the movie. Even though Momoa is a great actor, his aura didn’t match with the character from the book. He Should Have Played Gurney Instead.

He Should Have Played Gurney Instead

9. His natural character gives him a funny side, to which he even acts by delivering some one-liners in the movie. The character arc didn’t match his vibe as he was supposed to be a serious character, being the protector. Lets face it, he is too comedic for this role.

He Is Too Comedic
8. Some fans think that he is the actor who plays the same character in every movie. During his last role in the Game of Thrones, he plays Dothraki Khal Drogo, who has the exact aura.He Keeps Playing the Same Character
7. Likeable Because He Is Jason Momoa Only: Fans only liked the character because it’s Jason Momoa, one of the hottest in Hollywood. The fans would love him no matter what role he played. However, Duncan’s role is a profound and severe role that is lacking in the movie.Likeable Because He Is Jason Momoa Only
6. Gurney and Duncan Should Have Collaborated: Duncan and Gurney are essential characters from the book, but they weren’t shown in the movie. Gurney mostly remained off-screen, and Duncan outshone him even in the amount of time he was on-screen. So both of them should be combined.Gurney and Duncan Should Have Collaborated
5. Unmatched Book Description: Many believed that the movie version of the book didn’t add up to it. There were many dissimilarities between the book and the movie; In fact, it’s the opposite in some places.Unmatched Book Description
4. Duncan from the book is supposed to be a profound role that Jason lacks due to his charming and fun personality. He differs a lot from severe warrior and protector. Unfortunately, he doesn’t reach upto the expected mark.His Performance Isn't Nuanced
3. Some Dialogues Are Cringey: Duncan’s character is serious, and nobody expected him to be humorous. Unfortunately, a new character arc was added in the movie, which made his banter a bit unauthentic.Some Lines of Dialogue Are Cringe-Worthy
2. Working with better actors made him wook Worse. Working alongside artists such as Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, your performance needs to be convincing. Unfortunately, these actors outperformed Jason’s acting, and hence the audience never connected with the character.Better Actors Make Him Look Worse
1. It might just come down to how versatile you are in different roles, and Jason Momoa’s performance did not show it. It lacked in several leads where he could’ve made his emotional range work, but he failed.He Doesnt Have the Range


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