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10 War Dramas People Claim Are Better Than American Sniper

10 War Dramas People Claim Are Better Than American Sniper

Undoubtedly, “The American Sniper” is one of the best movies of 2014. By comparison, other films would have a hard time living up to the film’s tension, drama, and action. The movie focuses on the life of a Navy S.E.A.L. sniper who is known for his marksmanship skills. Now you may wonder, is there any other War Drama as good as The American Sniper or even better than that? Well, then you have come to the right place. We have done some research, and we got great results. So let us take you through 10 War Dramas People Claim Are Better Than American Sniper.

1. Let us begin our list of 10 War Dramas with “The Hurt Locker(2008).”

10 War Dramas

William James is a notorious bomb squad member in Baghdad. The bomb disposal specialists are seen marching towards IEDs wearing only a bomb suit to protect themselves. 

2. “Saving Private Ryan” is a must-watch for War Drama Lovers. 

10 War Dramas

Few films have ever captured war’s heinous waste of human life with such brutality as “Saving Private Ryan.” This movie has influenced many other War Dramas. 

3. The next movie on the list is “Fury.”

Fury (2014) - Best Combat Scenes - YouTube


The 2014 war drama “Fury” tells the story of the USA’s tank regiments in Germany, creating intense battle scenes full of bone-crushing and thunderous machinery. The sound and cinematography of the film are incredible.

4. “Das Boot,” by Wolfgang Petersen, isn’t only an excellent war film; it’s also one of the greatest movies ever made.

Sky's 'Das Boot' Series Setting Sail for Second Season - Variety

The Battle of the Atlantic, which was the most prolonged battle of World War II, is the subject of this 1981 documentary. ‘Das Boot’ tells the story from a German perspective.

5. “Black Hawk Down” is a movie of 144 grueling minutes of gunfire, death, and explosions.

The Consequences of Pious Intervention – Titus Techera

This movie revolves around the Battle of Mogadishu, an 18-hour long battle. It resulted in the death of 18 U.S. troops and hundreds of Somali fighters and civilians. “Black Hawk Down” may be the film for you if you’re looking for gut-wrenching warfare.

6. The next movie on our list of Hacksaw Ridge 10 War Dramas is “Hacksaw Ridge(2016).”

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) - IMDb

This movie revolves around Private. Desmond Doss, who serves as a medic in the US army. During the Second World War, he refused to carry a gun on the battlefield. However, at the same time, he saved the lives of 75 wounded men on the battlefield. 

7. “Enemy at the Gates(2001)” depicts the Battle of Stalingrad.

Enemy At The Gates: Poor Reviews & A Lack of Star Power | Bomb Report

This movie revolves around Vasili Zaytsev, a sniper in the Battle of Stalingrad and kills many Nazis. He then becomes a national hero. Unfortunately, Germany’s Major Konig is then tasked with getting retribution by killing Zaytsev.

8. “The Outpost” deals with the Battle of Kamdesh during the Afghan war.

10 War Dramas

The movie shows the life of an American army camp in Afghanistan. An attack on the vulnerable base by about 300 Taliban fighters led to eight American deaths and 22 injuries. You should watch the movie “The Outpost” if you want to see how a soldier lives after 9/11.

9. The only First World War movie on the list of 10 War Dramas is “1917.”

10 War Dramas

Lance Cpl. Schofield and Lance Cpl. Blake, two British soldiers during World War I, receive impossible orders. To deliver a message to their comrades that may save 1,600 of them, including Blake’s brother, they must cross over into enemy territory.

10. The last movie on our list of 10 War Dramas is the “Inglourious Basterds.”

10 War Dramas

Some Jewish soldiers are on an undercover mission to bring the Nazi government to its knees and end the war. During this time, a woman seeks revenge against a German officer who killed her family. The movie is full of Gruesome action scenes. 

So these were the movies on our list of 10 War Dramas People Claim Are Better Than American Sniper. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section. 

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