100 Hours Later, Starfield Player Shows off Impressive Outpost

Starfield has been here a short while, and we’ve already begun to witness the creative capabilities of its players. The game’s many universes allow us to brave multiple planets, but it’s never limited to existing architecture in the game. With resources, planning and some time to pour into its complex base-building mechanics, players can build themselves an outpost that is unique to their gameplay needs. As imaginative as it may seem, this creative tool is going to surprise many of us – and there’s one player in particular who has poured a hundred hours into it, designing something that left us in awe.

Starfield – the Possibilities of Building an Outpost

Starfield player takes 100 hours to build outpost
Starfield player Hackoox’s outpost

Meet Reddit user Hackoox, the player who went above and beyond to create something truly spectacular in Starfield. This ‘factory’ is an outpost that looks like a massive industrial unit. At first glance, you might as well confuse it for a massive outpost dedicated to an important NPC with a twisted storyline. Considering how crazy modders can be, that might just become a reality soon. Hackoox claims to have put a hundred hours into building this, the details of which are visible from the in-game screenshots.

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The outpost has pathways and spaces dedicated to vehicles and storage units, showing the promise of a convoluted design that belongs to space engineers and manufacturers. However, the most fascinating part about this project is that it’s still in progress. Hackoox seems to have given us a glimpse of all more that can be.

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Player Freedom can Change how we Experience Starfield

Starfield player takes 100 hours to build outpost
Starfield player Hackoox’s ‘factory’

Bethesda’s latest RPG gives players an experience they’ve never witnessed before, especially when it comes to testing one’s creative prowess. While Starfield is a complex game with non-linear narratives and exciting characters, giving players the freedom to craft their own experience feels genuinely unique. Unlike older Bethesda games, building ships and outposts is more common, prompting an important question – ‘how far can we go?’ Think of games like Minecraft and No Man’s Sky.

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At its roots, an outpost in Starfield serves an essential purpose: giving players a humble abode in space, depending on where they make it. It can also help the player scan and survey a planet. With the evolution of mods and official support for them in 2024, we won’t be surprised if outposts turn into something larger. What if players are able to manufacture their own android companions? Or perhaps build their own city with ongoing politics and day-to-day management problems?

Hackoox shared his insights and tips for how others can go about building better outposts. In the meantime, the ‘factory’ has certainly proved how much more Starfield’s outposts can be, and we’re excited to see how more players draw inspiration from such creative designs.

Source: Reddit

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