Starfield Ship Transformed Into Optimus Prime Space Truck

Starfield Ship Transformed Into Optimus Prime Space Truck

Although its huge commercial success has contributed to Starfield becoming one of the biggest video game releases of the year, it is the level of power and freedom that it grants its players that makes it truly special. Players of Bethesda’s latest space RPG have been experimenting in all kinds of ways with its various modification options, with one of the highlights being the game’s in-built ship-building feature.

From turning the spaceships into familiar ones from Mass Effect to making them look exactly like the iconic ones from the Halo series, fans have left no creative stone unturned.

This time around, a Starfield player has masterfully transformed (pun intended) a spaceship into a space truck that looks a lot like the Autobots leader Optimus Prime.

Transformers: Starfield Ships in Disguise

The Optimus Prime space truck looks absolutely glorious in Starfield.
The Optimus Prime space truck looks absolutely glorious in Starfield.

In fact, the completely functional Optimus Prime space truck in Starfield was created by combining various ship modules together, and the resemblance to the iconic character is absolutely uncanny. The ship builder feature in Bethesda’s new space epic lets players unleash their creativity as they can create literally any kind of space vehicle, including Star Fox‘s stunning Arwing and the sinister Scimitar that belongs to Darth Maul.

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These personalized spacecrafts are not just there to look nice because you can take them on your adventures all across the galaxy while also using them to attack hostile spaceships.

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Ships play a very important role in Starfield because, aside from being used for exploring the game’s various planets and engaging in extraterrestrial fights, they also act as storage spaces for players looking to safely keep the resources they have collected throughout the game. These spacecraft come in different shapes, sizes, and abilities, including strength, speed, crew, jump range, and, of course, weapons.

Therefore, it is advised to keep track of the ship’s stats to make the necessary upgrades before you head onto your next mission.

And to make those ship modifications in Starfield, players must ensure that they look for the technicians that can be found all across the game’s settlements.

The Optimus Ship Is a Prime Example of Starfield’s Potential

Starfield player pays impressive homage to the iconic Autobots leader, Optimus Prime.
Starfield player pays impressive homage to the iconic Autobots leader, Optimus Prime.

The customized Optimus Prime space truck was created by Starfield player and Reddit user Xeppeling, and they shared the design in all its glory with the game’s subreddit community. It was basically crafted by putting together cowlings, cargo holds, habs, and, obviously, a cockpit from where the player actually operates the space vehicle.

Fans of the Transformers franchise quickly made special note of the familiar radiator grill and six wheels that looked like they were ripped straight out of the character’s original design.

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Of course, the Starfield spacecraft would not look anything like Optimus Prime if it were not bathed in gorgeous red. The Reddit post rapidly got a lot of attention from the game’s community, garnering various positive responses, with one mentioning that the design would definitely make the Autobots leader “proud.”

Numerous players were also instantly interested in trying out the space truck themselves, hoping for an official update by Bethesda that lets the community share and use other members’ designs and builds.

You can check out the original post by Xeppeling on the Starfield subreddit here. As mentioned before, the ship-building mode in the game offers limitless options, so bringing various iconic spaceships from other science-fiction media to life has gotten quite convenient.

What other familiar spacecraft would you like to see from the ship-building feature in Starfield? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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