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11 Times Iconic Characters Did Something That Totally Changed How Fans See Them

11 Times Iconic Characters Did Something That Totally Changed How Fans See Them

Some iconic characters in shows did something so wrong that it totally changed our point of view towards them. Also, the list below may contain some spoilers, so keep scrolling if you get any!!

1. In Season 2 of the popular Netflix show ‘Sex Education’, Issac, who was friends with Maeve, deleted a voicemail from Otis, which had a genuine love confession for Maeve. Just when everything was going good, Issac ruined the situation. How could you do this, Issac!

sex education otis voicemail deleted

2. The scene where we saw Snape’s memories in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows definitely changed how I used to see Snape. The scene clearly showed that what Snape felt about Lily wasn’t love but a mere obsession. Lily never felt anything about him.


3. The scene in The Office show where Pam made fun of Katy for liking the Legally Blonde movie and making her desert island movie. The scene showed Pam’s true side, and I can clearly say one thing that she had zero taste!!


4. In My Mad Fat Diary, Chloe was Rae’s long time but kind of self-centred friend in the beginning. But in an episode in the second season when Rae discovered Chloe’s diary, it made me cry for real.


5. In Glee, Santanna was a character I never really liked until she was publicly humiliated and outed as a lesbian. My whole point of view changed towards her; I felt terrible for her. She didn’t deserve what she suffered.

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6. There is a scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Sarah explains her situation to Peter about leaving him for somebody else. Though I do not support cheating in any way, the scene was a real eye-opener. This shows that there can be two sides to every love story, and we should not judge it by hearing the one side of the story.


7. Next in the list of Iconic characters who totally changed in a show comes Fleabag. In Fleabag, when we got to know about the not so good relationship with her BFF. Frankly, it was shocking.

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8. In Game of Thrones, Sansa was the kind of girl who just wanted to marry a prince and had no other goals in her life. But her character growth was unbelievable and personally my favourite. In the “Battle of the Bastards”, when Sansa went against Jon, she looked like a badass woman who could kick anyone’s ass independently. She proved everyone wrong who underestimated her by showing that she is a total queen!!

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9. In New Girl, when Winston spoke about his real reasons behind taking his job as a police officer, that was genuinely moving. Winston was one character who’s always been my favourite, but it felt pretty odd when he became a police officer. But the way he did his job indeed addressed police brutality and reality.


10. Loki has to be there in the Iconic characters list. Loki’s life was never interesting until his own show Loki came out. When Loki watched his life on the film reel, his personality looked so different. And when the show ended, I truly felt like I’d always known him.

loki odin i love you my sons 1200x733 1

11. In Stranger Things, at first, I saw Billy as a person who has always been rude and stays drunk most of the time. Until he became the main villain in season three, I felt sorry for him. The moment Eleven reminded Billy about his previous life, and especially his mom and the way he sacrificed himself for the lives of Steve, Max, Mike, Nancy, Eleven, and Erica. My whole viewpoint towards him changed.

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