11 Unusual Celebrity Quirks And The Reason Behind It

Some actors are best-known for the quirks that particularly make them stand out and also sometimes help them in building their audience. Here we have compiled a list of 11 celebrities with unusual quirks and the reason behind it.

1) Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s eyes are sensitive to light, this is why he is often seen squinting. Shooting in bright light for the Fistful of Dollars trilogy only highlighted the effect. He wasn’t even concerned about how it would look on the camera at the time.

2) Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken dances a lot in his movies. That’s because he started out as a dancer rather than an actor.

3) Bono

Bono, the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of rock band U2, wears glasses because he has glaucoma, a condition that can make eyes more sensitive to light.

4) Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll, best known for her work in True Blood, started dyeing her hair red to literally be more noticeable because she believed that she always faded into the background.

5) Harpo Marx

Harpo Marx, a third of the legendary comedy trio the Marx Brothers, is known for his quiet pantomime style because he read a review that said that whenever he spoke, it ruined his great pantomime.

6) Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s earrings are valued enough to buy him a coffin just in case he dies somewhere in an unusual place.

7) Miles Teller

Miles Teller got his scars from a car accident in college. He still has two little pieces of gravel embedded in his face, which could cause more scarring if removed.

8) Bill Nye

Bill Nye wears bow ties instead of a long tie would because it would be at risk of falling into his science experiments.

9) Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa’s trademark scar was from a beer glass that a man randomly smashed on his face. He got 140 stitches.

10) Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s unique low-pitched husky voice is the result of colic she had as an infant. She says she screamed so much during her six first months that she developed nodules in her throat.

11) Jonathan Frakes

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Jonathan Frakes leans and sits distinctively, and that’s not his ploy to gain the audience’s attention. A back injury that he got from moving furniture before he became an actor limited his movements.


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Written by Farhan Asif

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