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13 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories

Don’t we just love to spend our weekend watching our favorite Disney movies along with our family? Disney has been our friend since 1937 and showered us with lovable cartoons and adorable characters. We have practically grown up watching Disney movies, right from The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and The Beast to the Toy Story series, Tangled, and so many more. Every time we watch these movies, we try to formulate reasons to explain the set of events – the fan theories. In many ways, we find fan theories fascinating and how they expand our imaginations. While some of them do come true, some of them simply remain a theory. Nonetheless, they don’t fail to intrigue us. Come, let us go through such mind-blowing fan theories about Disney movies:

1. Was Wheezy a Real Friend?

Mind blowing fan theories
He was forgotten

We all saw how Andy forgot about him when Buzz and Woody came into his life. He misses his lost friend terribly and would do anything to get back with him again. One of the fan theories suggests that Wheezy deliberately didn’t do anything during the yard sale. Because he knew that Woody would try everything he can to save him. While doing so, he probably imagined that Woody would go away, giving him back all the attention he once got.

2. Nemo’s search was Imaginary

Nemo and Marlin

Finding Nemo is a complete entertainment package. Dory and Nemo’s father go through an adventure in their search quest. But there’s one mind-boggling theory. It suggests that Nemo’s father, Marlin, is actually grieving about his son, who probably died before even coming to life. If one observes closely during his search quest, he goes through various stages of grief. So probably the entire movie is his imagination. If this is true, how sad is this?

3. Elsa and Anna are Related to Rapunzel

Mind blowing fan theories
Look at all the similarities

This is one of the most mind-blowing fan theories. I am sure we all watched Tangled and Frozen a million times (if you haven’t, totally judging you!) Yet you could’ve easily missed these minute details. At the end of Tangled, Rapunzel and Eugene arrive at a coronation ceremony, most likely Elsa’s, since they travel to Arendelle. They all even look so similar, with blonde hair, crazy superpowers; it probably runs in their genes. Besides, Elsa’s father probably wanted to keep her powers hidden since what happened with Rapunzel.

4. More Tangled and Frozen References

Frozen 2' deleted scene answers question about Anna and Elsa's parents
Arendelle’s King and Queen

The beginning of Frozen’s story is with the King and Queen leaving their daughters. This theory is backed by Jennifer Lee’s, Director of Frozen, response to fans’ questions on Reddit. According to it, King and Queen left to attend a wedding, and fans could not help but speculate that the wedding could be that of Rapunzel and Eugene.

5. Up: Carl’s Afterlife

Carl from Up
Journey to afterlife

Up warmed up our hearts with the beautiful storyline. It made us cry, it made us laugh, but we were all together with Carl in his great adventure. But sit tight! This theory might get you. It is one of the most mind-blowing fan theories. It says that Carl, who’s shown grieving about his dead wife, is probably dead too. Wait! It all adds up. His journey is towards “PARADISE” Falls with a boy (or angel) who comes to him to earn his badges (or wings).

6. Snow White’s ‘The Evil Queen’ in Tangled

Teenage Fanatic: Most Outrageously Awesome Disney Conspiracy Theories
Both obsessed with beauty

Rapunzel’s so-called mother tortures her in various ways, making her think that she’s her well-wisher. But we all saw her real, evil side by the end of the movie. This next theory makes a lot of sense. Mother Gothel and The Evil Queen are actually the same person. They both want eternal youth and beauty and are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Along with all other similarities, this one is a plausible theory.

7. Cars is a Movie set in the Future

Mind blowing fan theories
The end of human era?

The movie looks pretty fascinating and makes almost everyone’s imagination about “What if cars could talk?” into (virtual) reality. But have you ever thought about why there are no animals in the movie, particularly humans? It’s possible that this plot has been set way in the future where all the animals (maybe excluding a few) died of the toxic environment we kept building for everyone. 

8. Aladdin’s Adventure Never Existed

Just a marketing strategy?

The movie has an exciting set of adventures going with Aladdin, his lamp and genie, and Princess Jasmine. But what if this is just a marketing strategy? The movie shows a salesman at its start. He probably made up all of that, narrating the adventures so that his lamp will be sold. Bummer, right?

9. Tarzan and Elsa could be Related Too

Mind blowing fan theories
Tarzan is Elsa and Anna’s sibling?

Another, one of the mind-blowing fan theories. We talked about Jennifer Lee’s comment on Reddit that stirred a lot of theories in our minds. This one also has the same origin. In her comment, she mentions that Elsa’s parents don’t die on their boats. Instead, because of the heavy storm, they get washed up to a jungle island. There they give birth to a baby boy and get killed by a leopard. But this could just be a theory since the creators haven’t confirmed it. An interesting theory, no wonder.

10. Ariel and Hercules

Mind-Blowing fan theories
They are related

Hercules is actually based on Greek mythology. According to mythology and Disney, he is Zeus’s son. At the same time, Ariel’s father is King Triton, who is Poseidon’s son. This means that Ariel is Poseidon’s granddaughter. According to Greek mythology, Poseidon has two brothers- Zeus and Hades. Therefore, Zeus and King Triton were uncle-nephew, hence Ariel and Hercules are related.

11. The Fly in The Emperor’s New Groove

Disney Movie Theories The Emperor's New Groove
Was that the death of a human?

The movie is really a fun one to watch. But there’s one detail you probably might have missed. While in the scary jungle, Kuzco watches a fly getting eaten up by a spider. What’s so great about that, you say? Well, we think that it was a human turned into a fly. Remember, in the movie, only those animals can talk who were once humans? And Kuzco was able to hear the fly scream while being eaten.

12. The Old Lady at the Beginning of Ratatouille

Mind-blowing fan theories
Ego’s mom?

The movie is a darn good creation. Who could’ve thought of making a rat, a star chef of any restaurant? But this movie even made mice adorable. The food critique Ego arrives at the restaurant, to whom they serve the yummy-looking dish, gives a sneak peek into his childhood days and home. We came across a theory that says that the lady we see at the beginning of the movie is the critique’s mother.

13. The Real Villains in Frozen

Mind-blowing fan theories
Trolls are magical

The last one will blow your mind. We all saw that Hans turns out to be an antagonist in the movie. He is portrayed as greedy and over-ambitious. But what if this theory tells you a different story? It says that Prince Hans was never really the villain, but the trolls were. They are intelligent, magical creatures who are able to see through things. So to make Kristoff and Anna get together and fall in love, they manipulate him into being the bad guy in the story.


These were all the fascinating and mind-blowing fan theories. We are sure these got you thinking. Let us know in the comments.


Written by FandomWire Staff