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13 Must Know Starfield Tips and Tricks Before Starting Your Adventure


After years of waiting, Bethesda’s new spacefaring RPG has finally landed, and after spending many hours in the game and completing its main story, I am here to give you some solid Starfield tips to get you started on your journey throughout the universe, as there is a lot to know about the many different features of this game.

Dive Right Into the Story

The first and possibly biggest Starfield tip I can give you is to dive right into the main quest line, at least initially. Aside from it serving the expected purpose of introducing players to the game’s various different gameplay systems, there are some key features that you need to progress a bit to unlock. I’d recommend completing the quest Into the Unknown before really taking off from the main story.

Check Out the Skill Tree

Not exactly much of a tree, but a major Starfield tip I wish I’d known before starting is that many seemingly basic features are tied to skills you unlock. Pickpocketing, using boost packs, persuasion, targeting with a ship, and even the existence of a stealth meter are tied to skills on the upper rows of the different skills. So, I’d recommend taking a gander at these and then deciding which ones you want soonest pretty early on.

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It’s also important to know that the ability to upgrade weapons, spacesuits, and more is locked behind upgrades at the second tier of the science section, meaning you’ll need to pump several skill points into science before you can start making the killing machines of your twisted dreams.

You Can Launder Stolen Goods

Bonus Starfield tip: there are a lot of cool real life locations to visit in the Sol system.
Bonus Starfield tip: there are a lot of cool real-life locations to visit in the Sol system.

Planning to steal a lot in your playthrough? The Trade Authority will be your best friends. While I am not entirely certain this is an intended feature, it seems likely given a major aspect of this group is that they buy stolen goods and contraband. Naturally with a Bethesda game, stolen items are labeled as such in your inventory and you lose them if you ever get arrested. But if you sell them to the Trade Authority and then buy them back before exiting the screen, you lose no credits and it removes the stolen status from the items.

Pick Up All Ammo You Ever See

An important Starfield tip to be aware of is that ammo has no carry weight, so there is no reason not to hoard all of it that you see at all times. There are a lot of different types of ammo (shotguns alone have at least four or five different types of ammo) so as you unlock new weapons, it is best to always be prepared just in case.

No Spacesuit is the Best Spacesuit

Bonus Starfield Tip #2: photo mode is fun. I wasted a lot of time in it.
Bonus Starfield Tip #2: photo mode is fun. I wasted a lot of time in it.

Look, we all love space here, right? That’s why we’re playing this game. But spacesuits aren’t exactly the pinnacle of fashion unless you’re making a really interesting statement, and thankfully Starfield lets you hide them when in many areas, alongside helmets. Head into your inventory for spacesuits and helmets and you will see that you can hide them in cities and breathable areas, respectively.

You Can Wait and Reset Vendor Inventories

A nice Starfield tip to know early on that will become more useful with time is if you really want to stock up and you find yourself with plenty of credits lying around, you can find the nearest chair and wait 24 hours and the vendor’s stock will replenish. Unfortunately, you cannot wait just anywhere like in past Bethesda titles, so you’ll need to find a bench or a chair of some kind.

Use Targeting In Ship Combat

Bonus Starfield Tip #3: Take in the sights, there is some serious beauty in this game.
Bonus Starfield Tip #3: Take in the sights, there is some serious beauty in this game.

Starfield‘s ship combat can be a pain sometimes, so it is highly recommended that you unlock the ship targeting skill early on, which allows you to enter a VATS-like state and target specific parts of enemy vessels.

Don’t Be an Insomniac

Yes, great Green Day album and video game developer, but no, not a good way to travel the stars. Not only does sleeping fully heal you, saving from wasting heals, but it also gives you a “well rested” status effect that increases XP gains for a short time. Luckily for me, I did not get this Starfield tip until after I beat the main story! Instant regret.

There Are Infinite Storage Crates in the Lodge

That sentence may mean very little to you now before you have played the game, but trust me, it is helpful. Your companions and your ship can only carry so much, but if you head to the Lodge you can unload all of your heavy junk until you need it for a rainy day or to make a weapon of mass destruction. Your pick.

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New Game+ Is NOT “Where the Game Begins”

A lot of people have been trying to report this in recent days as fact due to some misinterpreted statements, so I want to clear the air on it now as a major Starfield tip. Yes, there is a New Game+ and it does have a bit of a twist, but it is still a New Game+ mode through and through, and you even lose all your items. Play your first save as thoroughly as you ever would, and only do New Game+ when you’re ready to begin mostly anew.

Pay Close Attention to Weapon Stats

Weapon rarity means very little in this game. A major Starfield tip I can give is to pay close attention to weapon stats. While legendaries are nice and carry extra perks, I have a common rarity gun that I earned many hours ago that still outclasses almost every gun I see. Watch those numbers!

Do Not Neglect the Scanner

The scanner is a useful tool that not only helps you locate quest locations and resources, but also helps you earn a lot of extra XP on the side as you play. Do not forget about it!

Try the Mantis Quest

I don’t want to spoil it, but it comes with some solid rewards, especially for early-game players. If you find a document labeled “Secter Outpost!!” then read it ASAP. Also, as you near the end of the quest, make a save because the reward has some randomized traits, so feel free to reroll those dice.

That’s all of the Starfield tips I have for you today, at least without spoiling too much of what you’ll find out there. This game truly is best discovered on your own, and though the opening hours can be a bit slow, don’t let that deter you, there is just a lot to learn.

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Written by Tanner Linares

Tanner is an enthusiastic gamer with a propensity for babbling his opinions at people who may or may not care. He graduated with a degree in English Writing from Northern Michigan University in 2021. He is also writing several graphic novels with a wonderful illustrator.