13 Underrated Actors On Teen TV Shows

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What’s the best recipe for making one of the best shows? Is it a good direction? Or an impeccable cast? Or filmmaking? Well, it’s everything in its best possible combination. A TV show or a movie cannot succeed only because of one of these things; it is the combination of everything and teamwork that makes everything possible. Amidst everything, we forget those actors who pulled the show with their stunning performances. And they remain to be underrated actors on teen TV shows. 


Here’s a list of thirteen such underrated actors on teen TV shows that deserve the credit:

1. Brandon Flynn in Thirteen Reasons Why

13 Underrated Actors On Teen TV Shows Brandon Flynn in thirteen reasons why
One of the antagonists of the show

Brandon Flynn played the character of Justin Foley on the show. He was one of the lead casts and also one of the antagonists of the plot. He was Jessica’s boyfriend and had a troubled relationship with her. Justin even hid the fact that she was indeed raped. The character had good character development, and the actor did a fabulous job portraying the rather dark character.


2. Dylan O’Brien in Teen Wolf

PHOTOS] 'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Best Moments — Dylan O'Brien Interview | TVLine
Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski, played by Dylan O’Brien, initially seemed like a mere sidekick and a comedic relief to the story. But the character had the most complex character development than the rest of the characters. He later became one of the main characters. The actor got the deserved spotlight. Although, he is one of the most underrated actors on teen TV shows.

3 Tanya Reynolds in Sex Education

Tanya Reynolds In Sex Education Underrated actors in Teen TV shows
She was weirdly adorable

The actor played the role of Lily Iglehart on the show. The character brought a newer vibe to the show because of her strange nature. Her fashion, alien erotica, and weird obsessions were both comic and warm. The actor played the iconic character beautifully and with precision. She definitely stole the show whenever she played her magic.

4. Charles Melton in Riverdale

Charles Melton underrated actors on teen tv shows
Reggie Mantle from Riverdale

He plays Reggie Mantle’s character from the second season onwards on Riverdale. He is an American model and actor. Fans love the character, especially because of the way he supports Ronnie for her aspirations and treats her. The character finally got the spotlight on the show, and so did the actor. But he still hasn’t received enough credit for his performance.


5 Naya Rivera in Glee

Glee's Naya Rivera
Groundbreaking performance in Glee

Her role in the show was groundbreaking since she played the character from the LGBTQ community. The character talks about accepting oneself as they are and expresses feelings about the people from the community. Sadly, the actor did not receive enough recognition for her powerful performance until the character died on the show. 

6. Zach Gilford in Friday Night Lights

Matt Saracen Zach Gilford Friday Night Lights underrated actors on teen tv shows
His performance in the show brought us in tears

The episode where Zach Gilford appeared and blew us all away with his stunning performance is unforgettable. Zach Gilford’s character, Matt Saracen, added a new range of emotions to the show, displaying grief, confusion, and anger, and made us all a part of it too. His performance and the array of emotions that he displayed remained underrated. He definitely deserved an Emmy for the stunning performance. 

7 Jacob Elordi in Euphoria

Jacob Elordi in Euphoria
The raw emotions felt surreal

The antagonist of the show and the biggest bully, Nate Jacobs, was all things cruel. We all saw his mental state and his desire to control everything around him, and Jacob did his job pretty well. Especially the fight scene of Nate and his father, it looked surreal and, as Elordi described, it looked grueling. When talked about this scene, the actor mentioned that he really got smashed and had concussions later, after the shot. This scene deserves more recognition and thus makes him one of the underrated actors on teen TV shows.


8. Marie Avegropoulos in The 100

8. Marie Avegropoulos in The 100
Octavia Blake in The 100

Octavia Blake is one of the most complex characters on The 100. The character had layers of complexity and an even difficult personality to embody. Without a doubt, Marie Avegeropoulos did a fabulous job in portraying the courageous and strong character, and that too made it seem easy. Along with performing the teen warrior and a brutal queen, she did an equally compelling job when she displayed warmth and compassion several seasons later. 

9. Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries 

Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries
Her character portrayal was on-point

She played a character that displayed four different personalities in the show. If anything, she puts in awe about her versatility in a single TV show. Her acting did not receive the compliments she deserved; instead, fans hate the character the most on the show (which is proof of her success). The three different characters and four personalities were too much to give her credit.

10 Bethany Joy Lenz in One Tree Hill

Bethany Joy Lenz Haley James Scott in One Tree Hill
Haley James Scott in One Tree Hill

Bethany Had a tough job playing the character of Haley James Scott in One Tree Hill. Her acting skills were over the top, and she shone brightly in seasons 5, 7, and 9. The portrayal of emotions of the person suffering from depression was raw and precise. It was so relatable that it broke and quenched million hearts. The actor’s performance remained consistent throughout the show and still never got enough credit for carrying the show forward. Hence, she landed on our list of underrated actors on teen TV shows.


11. Kat Graham in Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham
She appeared on the TV show for eight seasons as Bonnie Bennett

The actress appeared on the TV show for eight seasons as Bonnie Bennett. She played the role with all she has got, and with utmost dedication, it truly reflected in her performance. She was nominated for several awards and won a few too. The character’s storyline and its development throughout were magnificent, and despite being acclaimed, she did not receive as much recognition as some of the great actors from the show did.

12. Ncuti Gatwa in Sex Education 

12. Ncuti Gatwa in Sex Education underrated actors on teen tv shows
12. Ncuti Gatwa in Sex Education

The 22-year old brilliant actor (okay, I agree) received nominations for his groundbreaking performance in Sex Education but still isn’t talked about much. His depiction of Eric and his beliefs were so strong and powerful that it made everyone watching him believe in him. The confidence that Ncuti Gatwa brought in the character was stunning, and his performance was beautiful. He deserves more credit than he receives. 

13. Chelsea Clark in Degrassi

Chelsea Clark in Degrassi Esme
Esme from Degrassi, played by Chelsea Clark

The actress played her character, Esme, exceptionally well. Her portrayal of Esme makes you sympathize with her, and she nails her speech every time. The actress has the potential to become a big name in the industry. I wish to keep seeing more of her in diverse roles that will amplify her skills for the audience with a similar well-written script.


These were some of the actors on teen TV shows we think are underrated and deserve the credit for their performances. Are there any more? Let us know in the comments!


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