14 Reasons Why “Harry Potter” Will Always Be Better Than “Twilight”

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We all have once come across people who try to tell us that the Twilight Saga is better than the Harry Potter series. But worry not, shove this article in the face of the next person who tries to tell you that
Let’s settle this once and for all by taking a look at all the reasons why Harry Potter shall always be the superior one:


1) The friendships are much stronger than in Twilight.

Ron sacrificed himself as the knight so Harry can confront Quirrell. Hermoine erases her parents’ memories so she can help Harry save the wizarding world. What did Alice do for Bella other than driving her around in a stolen Porche?


2) The world-building is exceptionally incredible.

Harry Potter takes full advantage of the fantasy genre in modern times. Twilight is set in the modern human world with sparkling vampires who stay secret.

3) The villains are super complex 


The path which Voldemort chooses to achieve his goal is far more vicious than that of the evil trio of Twilight

4) Harry is a much better role model than Bella.

Harry is a teen who does what’s right and has fun along the way. Bella on the other hand shares erratic relationships with the men in her life


5) The main characters have distinct, lovable personalities.

Harry’s humble, Hermione’s brilliant, and Ron’s goofy. Bella and Angela are both quiet, shy girls.

6) Harry understands that sacrifices need to be made to triumph over evil.


twilight literally ends like a fairy tale with the protagonist achieving everything she ever wanted. Harry lost many of his loved ones on his journey to triumph.

7) There are so many inspiring heroines! You can take your pick.

From Hermione to Luna and Gini, girls in Harry Potter are simply role models with their personalities.


8) The characters are nuanced just like people are in real life.

Each character is filled with imperfections which isn’t much evident in Twilight

9) There are so many captivating magical creatures.


You cant easily count the number of magical creatures that appear throughout the Harry Potter series. In Twilight you have nothing other than vampires and werewolves

10) The supporting characters have fascinating backstories.

Some of the secondary characters in Twilight like Mike, Eric, and Tyler are totally boring compared to HP characters like Dobby and Remus


11) The plot twists are wild and unpredictable.

We all knew Bella would end up with Edward from the first book. But who knew what fate lied ahead for Dumbledore and Snape

12) The character development is simply amazing.


There aren’t many satisfying character arcs from Twilight minor characters as seen in Harry Potter

13) Relationships are built on connection and not just looks.

Harry and Ginny’s bond was built on friendship and understanding, not just attraction all alone. Bella mentions Edward’s beauty like every other page


14) It’s just better written.

There’s a reason why Harry Potter is still studied in colleges around the world




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