10 Hilarious Harry Potter Fan Arts To Make Even Voldemort Laugh

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Potterheads have had it the hardest this time. There is no Harry Potter movie in sight. J.K Rowling has been mired in one major controversy after another. The third Fantastic Beasts movie looks like it will be delayed yet again. If you are a Harry Potter Fan, there’s not much to look forward to in 2020 and beyond. But wait, we got you covered. If the overlords of Harry Potter will not do it, the fans will come to the rescue.


Here are some epic Harry Potter fan arts for your taste. These are so hilarious it would make even Voldemort laugh out loud and start rolling on the floor. Beware – the below fan arts are extremely hilarious and might lighten your mood to a level you thought was not possible this year.



Neville Longbottom is one of the most underrated characters of the Harry Potter franchise. Always sticking to the shadows, the character has been instrumental in the Dark Lord’s defeat. Here we see Longbottom in a fine comic book art. That’s a might fine Patronus Neville!!



Not gonna lie, that scene was truly hilarious in the movies. Dumbledore would never do that to Harry Potter. That tone is uncharacteristic of Albus. Goblet of Fire remains one of the most polarizing movies in the Harry Potter series for the same reason.



uh-oh. Wrong book Harry. But wait this is a good thing. Just hold on to the Resurrection stone. And if possible, write Voldemort’s name in the book before you start clenching your chest.



Ummm, let’s not judge her. She has taken care of that flimsy trio all this while. Cut the woman some slack Harry. There’s so much one super powerful witch can handle. Schooling one Potter is enough for a lifetime. Two? Well that’s just way too much.



Got milk? Well looks like Harry Potter does have some!! This fan art is bizarre but still funny to look at. Why does it look so relatable?!?!?



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So that’s who it was!! Sirius you naughty little man-boy! The guy has kids to feed. That is not cool.



Agree on everything except the fourth entry. Ron has the greatest hair. Everybody knows that!



Such a model school. Where do we sign up??



What is even happening here?



So that’s how he got the dreaded scar? Pretty mundane a reason don’t you think. Hey Harry stop complaining your freaking exams are cancelled.


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