10 Marvel Superheroes If They Were Harry Potter Characters

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We love our Marvel Superheroes. We also love the Harry Potter Universe. What if the superheroes of Marvel became a part of the Harry Potter Universe? How will things turn out??


Iron Man – Sirius Black

Sirius Black did not know his way around technology. That much is obvious. But he was not dumb. He was a smart and cunning chap who fought the good fight against Voldemort’s lackeys for years after the Potters were killed. Sirius, before his downfall, had a way with women and was extremely charismatic even after he went rogue. Black and Stark had familial issues when they were very young. Both sacrificed their lives for the greater good and what they believed in. Their deaths were a literal turning point in their respective universe’s history.


Hulk – Rubeus Hagrid

The Hulk is not what you would exactly call a ‘Gentle Giant’. Rubeus Hagrid is. While the Hulk has lost control more times than we would care to count, there have been a handful of times when Hagrid too has lost control and went in guns blazing. There is also the case of both beings having an advantage in raw, brutal strength. The Hulk in the latter part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe did show some restraint and focus in his methods. Hagrid has that under his belt since time immemorial. We are imagining a scenario where Hagrid and the Smart Hulk meet and have a beer chugging contest.

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Wolverine – Lupin

Could there be any other match for Wolverine other than Lupin? We know their personalities are poles apart but come on, both have the wolf element. Both have claws and that typical animalistic rage. Apart from the obvious core similarity, there are some other similarities too. Lupin is a force for good but he sometimes he lets his rage take over and kill everyone. Wolverine is also known to hurt his friends and family by mistake if he loses control over his temper. Both Lupin and Wolverine like to be lone wolves (no pun intended) living in their own world in isolation. Can Lupin just transform into Wolverine instead of a werewolf so we could all sleep peacefully at night?

Doctor Strange – Albus Dumbledore


Doctor Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. He is responsible for keeping all magical threats from taking over the world. Albus Dumbledore is no Sorcerer Supreme but he does come pretty damn close. Like Dumbledore, Doctor Strange knew how to defeat Thanos and save the day. Albus Dumbeldore and Stephen Strange are also bearers of some of the universe’s biggest egos. Both are known to travel to other realms and other-worldly places to fight evil. They are a perfect match!

Black Widow – Nymphadora Tonks

Black Widow is one of the founding members of the Avengers. She is a veteran spy and is skilled in the art of espionage. Her previous life as a Shield operative has made her serious and grumpy. But she does joke around sometimes. Nymphadora Tonks was no super spy but she does have shape-shifting abilities, her greatest asset. Both have spied for their sides and are good saboteurs and espionage artists. Nymphadora and Natasha have led multiple lives and have numerous aliases. That is what makes them each other’s counterparts.


Hawkeye – Neville Longbottom

Hawkeye is a doting father and a very loving husband. He is a family man. We never got to see that side of Neville in the movies. So why are we comparing the two? Because they have one thing in common – both Clint Barton and Neville love their kin. Neville made it his life mission to take down Bellatrix after she was revealed to have killed his parents. Both also are almost always underrated. It was Nveille who took down Nagini in the end, destroying Voldemort. Hawkeye has also been instrumental to the Avengers, having had a hand in some of the most pivotal battles in the MCU’s history.

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Nebula – Quirinus Quirrell

Like Nebula, Quirinus too is an agent of the bad guys. Nebula has devoted all her life to please the Mad Titan. Thanos is the closest thing Nebula has to a father. And she will do literally anything, including hunting down her future self, to prove her allegiance to Thanos. Quirinus Quirrell embraced a cursed life, ready to bear the Dark Lord and do whatever it takes to keep him alive. He does so just so he could get into Voldemort’s good graces. Like Nebula, Quirrell too failed in his attempt at achieving said objectives. While Nebula did become one of the good guys later unlike Quirrell, there are still too many uncanny similarities between the two.

Captain America – Harry Potter


Harry Potter and Captain America are basically one and the same, if you overlook the blatant differences. Both have come out of nowhere. They were practically unknown until destiny rang their doorbell one fateful day and transformed their lives forever. For Captain America, that ring was in the form of the Super Soldier Program. Harry Potter’s call was his encounter with Voldemort. Harry is also not hesitant to give up his life for the greater good. Steve Rogers was literally encased in ice for half a century after he sacrificed his life to save countless innocent lives. Captain America and Harry Potter earned their badges fighting in Wars. Cap fought in World War Two as the First Avenger while Harry Potter was the Hero of the Second Wizarding War.

Rocket Raccoon – Alastor Moody

One the face sarcasm and witty remarks are the strong suits of Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody. Rocket, just like Moody, is extremely direct and never shies away from a fight. Both are also somewhat crazy and eccentric. Rocket has been a loyal bloke, aiding the Guardians of the Galaxy, and then the Avengers, in their fight against evil. Moody has been a loyal ally of Harry Potter, having supported him through thick and thin. Moody has always been there for him when Harry needed the help of a friend.


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Scarlet Witch – Severus Snape

When we first saw Snape in the movies, we thought that he was an extremely wicked man. It was later that we all found out just how wrong we were. Severus Snape was a Force for good. He always had been. Scarlet Witch was not pretending though. She was Ultron’s ally and helped him in his fight against the Earth’s mightiest heroes. But later, she too transitioned into a force for good. Scarlet Witch died by the hands of Thanos after the infamous Thanos Snap. Severus Snape was also killed by Voldemort. The resemblance between the two is uncanny.




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