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15 Actors And Directors Who Made Their Movies For The Most Absurd Reasons

15 Actors And Directors Who Made Their Movies For The Most Absurd Reasons

Sometimes you got to do things for which you owe an explanation to nobody. Solely because it won’t make much sense to them. See 15 actors and directors who did films for the most absurd reasons:


1. Todd Phillips cited the reason for making Joker (2019) as the disinterest of people in watching comedy movies.

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2. Ben Affleck signed up to play the Caped Crusader just so his son could see him as Batman. “Everybody wants their kid to think of them as a superhero before they get too smart,” he said.

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3. Patrick Stewart only agreed to do Star Trek: Picard because of the hefty paycheck they were offering him. It was “more money than I’d ever seen in my life,” he said.


4. Bill Murray became a part of 2016’s Ghostbusters because he was worried about what people would think. Apparently, he thought that if he won’t be a part of the film, people would think that he disapproved of the movie or something.

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5. Chris Evans played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four to satisfy his ego. “I had just been dumped and I needed it!” he said – and he particularly remembers the call he got about the role because he’d needed a win at the time.

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6. Miles Teller was in no mood to make Divergent. He only did it to upgrade his profile. He was “feeling dead inside” on the project, and even called his agent to complain.

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7. Billy Bob Thornton was in Armageddon for a very absurd reason. Apparently, he wanted to be at a bus stop. His manager had put it in his head that every actor should “be on a bus stop” occasionally. Moreover, he wanted to make quick money for a divorce.


8. Will Smith was in Suicide Squad because he was sick of playing the good guy every time. “I had never played a character tha legitimately didn’t give a f-,” he said and called it “very freeing” not to be a film’s moral center.

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9. John Cena featured in numerous early 2000s movies just to promote WWE. “Every second I was on one of those movie sets, I wanted to be back in WWE,” he says of movies like 12 Rounds, Fred: The Movie, and Legendary.

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10. Jon Cryer played Lex Luthor in Supergirl solely to fix the past. At 14, Jon had played Luthor in Superman IV for which he received extensive criticism. So Supergirl was his chance to fix things.

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11. Nicolas Cage agreed to do Drive Angry because he was told they would shoot his eye. Cage signed up right away because that was just something he had wanted to do.


12. Dax Shepard agreed to do CHiPs only to see comedy infusing with motorsports.

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13. Werner Herzog gave a very absurd reason for making Queen of the Desert. He claimed that his films come to him like burglars in kitchens at night, and one is coming right at you so you need to take care of him first.

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14. The whole idea of making Jojo Rabbit for Taika Waititi was because the subject felt scary to him. He said he’s driven with perfection and there was no room for error with the portrayal.


15. Gus van Sant remade Psycho only because of modern studio practices. He noticed studios were remaking everything, so he put a request for making an exact, shot-for-shot remake as an experiment which got accepted.

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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.